If you are licensed ACMA carrier with a relevant contract with Telstra, you can apply for Tower Site Sharing to provide carriage services to customers, including mobile phone coverage, point-to-point radio transmission or WiFi type broadband data coverage.


A current Telstra Wholesale customer who is a licensed carrier or carriage service provider may be eligible for Tower Site Sharing, subject to agreement to the relevant terms and conditions for access. If you are a Telstra Wholesale customer and licensed carrier you can request Tower Site Sharing by undertaking Make Ready Works (MRWs).

Ordering and provisioning follows a six-stage process and complies with recommendations of the National Colocation Framework Agreement of 2001.

The tower site share access may involve installation or use of one or more of the following:

  • antennae
  • pole or tower
  • hut
  • Telstra floor-space.


Existing Telstra Wholesale customers will need to sign up to one of the following site-share schedules:

  • CRA31 (Core Network sites) or CRA35 (PMTS sites) in a Customer Relationship agreement, or
  • TWA33 (Telstra Wholesale Agreement) 


Ordering Process


As part of the ordering process you will need to work with us to complete:

  • Preliminary information and approval in principle (AIP) requests
  • A detailed design and construct plan (D&CP) and request for facilities access for Site Share Access
  • Request for physical access to construct per site
  • Notification of construction completion
  • Site Inspection(PSI) with Telstra representatives
  • As Built drawings for Database of Records (DboR) updates.
Physical access
Tower Site Sharing

Wholesale customers who require access to Telstra Exchanges, mobile sites and DUCT network, need to email: TWSiteAccess@team.telstra.com for up to date physical access information.





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