Access Telstra Wholesale Unconditioned Local Loop and Spectrum Sharing services with an External Interconnect Cable, without directly accessing  a Telstra equipment in the exchange. 

Access to Telstra's Duct Network

External Interconnect Cables (EIC) provide access to Telstra’s duct network of ducts, tunnels, manholes and pits.

EIC duct access makes it possible for licensed carriers to build their own facilities away from Telstra’s exchanges yet still access our Unconditioned Local Loop (ULL) or Spectrum Sharing Service (SSS) products.

EIC access to Telstra ducts is through the installation of a copper pair cable along an approved route between a remote customer DSLAM site to a nearby Telstra Exchange Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This achieves connection to Telstra’s ULL or SSS services.

Operation & Maintenance

Once you’ve acquired and installed the EIC, Telstra will take over the operation and maintenance. In most circumstances you can then access the Telstra underground duct network through a breakout at an approved location, such as a pit or manhole. More detail on the policies and procedures that apply, as well as the relevant terms and conditions, is available via your account manager or service manager.

Physical access

Wholesale customers who require access to Telstra Exchanges, mobile sites and DUCT network, need to email: for up to date physical access information.


External Interconnect

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