Whether you want to go through the nbn™ network or our own copper network, we’ll work with you to create broadband and voice solutions that are right for your customers.

Why choose us?

Our Network

We are in the places you need us to be, and we have the technologies and innovations to meet your customer needs.


National Connectivity

You can connect to more customers in a simple, flexible and cost-effective way with Broadband Aggregation. It enables you to aggregate your DSL and nbn end user traffic over a single physical access at either a single location or several, depending on what you need.


Our people

Leverage decades of network and telecommunications experience to help power your business growth. Learn more



Take advantage of our investment in innovative technologies to keep pace with your customers’ expectations. Learn more


Systems to simplify your operations

Enjoy a better way of managing your services and adapt to new demands with our online ordering and support tools that make it easy to get the most out of Telstra Wholesale.

ADSL reports & plans
ADSL reports and plans

For our monthly ADSL reports please vist the ADSL Reports and Plans page. You will also find here a list of certified ADSL CPE Equipment.

Broadband & Voice Products

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