nbn Rollout and Disconnection Dates

Note: Dates previously associated with disconnection activities relating to waves 71-75 are now N/A as they have been moved to later in the year due to COVID-19.

Please refer here for further details.


Update for Melbourne Lockdown 11 August 2020


Managed disconnection Update for HFC premises 11 February 2021


Managed disconnection Update for HFC premises 30 April 2021


Managed disconnection Update for HFC premises 12 July 2021


This schedule sets out the Disconnection Dates and related dates that apply in respect of the National Broadband Network rollout (nbn).

Note: Instances where Rollout Regions have the listed date of 02/02/2222 as their Disconnection Date represents HFC SAMs which are still undergoing nbn HFC Optimisation activity.  The Disconnection Date for these Rollout Regions will be updated to represent the new revised Disconnection Date at the time nbn re-release these Rollout Regions and makes them available to the market.


Rollout Schedule & Disconnection Dates

Rollout Schedule & Disconnection Dates - Excel version

Managed Disconnection dates list - Excel version


Cease Sale Schedule


This schedule sets out the Cease Sale Commencement Date for each nbn rollout region. Generally, Cease Sale will commence in a region 10 Business Days after the region’s Ready for Service Date/Disconnection Commencement Date.

Note that Cease Sale may not apply at premises that are serviceable by HFC.


Please refer to the following communication for more information on Cease Sale at HFC premises.

Cease Sale Commencement Dates List

Cease Sale Commencement Dates List - Excel version


All schedules are current as of the 13th June 2024. Data is typically refreshed on a weekly basis.

About the schedules

The Ready For Service dates set out in the attached Disconnection Schedule (and other dates published by Telstra in relation to the disconnection of copper services) are determined based on dates notified to Telstra by nbn co under the Definitive Agreements and are subject to change by nbn co at any time. The Forecast Ready For Service dates published in this Disconnection Schedule are therefore made on a ‘best efforts’ basis only and provide an indicative view only of the rollout timing and Disconnection Schedule.

Telstra does not warrant or represent that the dates set out in the Disconnection Schedule are current or free from errors or omission.

Given this, the Disconnection Dates and other dates (particularly where these appear other than in the format dd/mm/yyyy, or which are listed as an “Expected” date) on the page are only indicative and should not be relied on as final timelines.

For up-to-date information in relation to the timing of the nbn rollout, interested parties should contact nbn co directly.

As these schedules will be updated periodically, you should check this page regularly.

Copper migration

Transitioning services from Telstra’s legacy copper and HFC network to the nbn™ network requires a co-ordinated approach from the whole industry.

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Special Services

Special Services are certain services currently delivered over the Telstra copper network and which will not be immediately available on the nbn fixed line network from nbn co on a wholesale basis.

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