With Wholesale Business Internet, Small and Medium businesses get instant access to Australia’s best-in-class network. So when scale meets speed, the possibilities for growth are endless.

Online in no time

What’s next doesn’t have to wait, with a blended mobile and fibre internet connection - Rapid Mobile Activation. A new service making all the power of Telstra’s mobile network and unlimited data available to customers from the get-go. All you need to do is pop a SIM in your BYO device and it’s ready to be configured, tested, and deployed.

And for ongoing peace of mind? Mobile Backup can automatically switch your customers’ connection over to mobile if their fibre service is interrupted.

Connect customers faster with Rapid Mobile Activation

The Wholesale Business Internet solution

Wholesale Business Internet™ (WBI) is a complete, ready-made internet service, built on Telstra’s best-in-class fibre network.


It’s built for simplicity, with everything included. Wholesale Business Internet gives you access to Telstra’s fibre network, internet access, IP addresses, monitor points and access to Telstra Wholesale’s Managed enablement Service Hub (or MESH) to help you configure the service. It is symmetrical, offers both contended and uncontended service levels, with a wide variety of bandwidths to suit different business uses from browsing to video conference and e-commerce.


That means no network, no head ends or network-build skills needed. Just best-in-class internet, at the bandwidth and speed your customers require.

About Rapid Mobile Activation
Fibre based internet for businesses

Rapid Mobile Activation can be added to new or inflight orders. Order SIMs in MESH and we will ship them to you. When you're ready, add the SIM details to the fibre order then insert the SIM in your BYO device. The service activates after 100MB of data is used sp you can test the device prior to deploying it. 


With Rapid Mobile Activation you can choose speeds up to 20Mbps, up to 50 Mbps or up to 100 Mbps in case you want to match the speed of the primary fibre service. Billing for the Rapid Mobile Activation service ends when the fibre service is installed.


There's no usage cap for Rapid Mobile Activation. This helps avoid bill shock and makes the service simple for you to manage. You can check usage at any time by looking at the service details in MESH. 


The mobile service options for Wholesale Business Internet use part of the Telstra Mobile Network. You can check coverage here. You may be able to maximise signal strength at your customer's site using an external antenna.

About Mobile Backup
Mobile Back up for fibre based internet

You can add Mobile Backup to a new fibre order or add the feature at anytime during the term of a service. It could be a great re-term opportunity.


Mobile Backup can also be ordered in conjunction with the Rapid Mobile Activation service so once the fibre service is installed the Rapid Mobile Activation ceases and the same mobile connection is converted to Mobile Backup. 


You can choose speeds up to 20Mbps, up to 50Mbps or up to 100Mbps if you want to match the speed of the primary fibre service. If there is a fibre outage, your customer can use the Mobile Backup service with no usage cap until the fibre service is restored. (However if the Mobile Backup service and the fibre service are both used simulataneously, mobile charges do apply).

Plug and play simplicity

No more wondering what's included - it is a fully integrated layer 3 solution. Internet access, IP addresses, full access connection, all within an easy to use ordering & management system "Managed Enablement Services Hub”.


A connection that never quits

Between Rapid Mobile Activation and Mobile Backup customers can get online and stay operational with next to no downtime. For total peace of mind.


Ready, whatever the pace

With 9 different bandwidth options: 20Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps, 2Gbps, 5Gbps and 10Gbps. Plus, three mobile service speeds: up to 20Mbps, up to 50Mbps and up to 100Mbps.


Best-in-class reach

Wholesale Business Internet™ is based on Telstra Wholesale’s renowned high-performance fibre network.

We offer the largest internet backbone in Australia, with more access points than other providers. 



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