Wholesale Business Internet™ - Fibre internet for business
Now with Rapid Mobile Activation and Mobile Backup

Many of Australia’s two million small and medium businesses (SMBs) value fast, reliable, business-grade internet to help them drive their businesses forward. It could be one of the biggest business opportunities for internet providers today.

Wholesale Business Internet™ (WBI) is a complete, ready-made internet service, specially built to unlock this opportunity, on Telstra’s best-in-class fibre network.

It’s plug’n’play simple, with everything included. With WBI, you get access to Telstra’s fibre network, internet access, IP addresses, monitor points and a Managed Service Hub to help you configure the service.

No network, no head ends or network-build skills needed. Just best-in-class internet, at the bandwidth and speed your customers require.

WBI’s straightforward quoting structure makes it simple to quote, plus we have 6 different bandwidth choices, so you can configure your service depending on the speed your customer selects.

Contact your Sales Manager or Service Manager to learn more about Wholesale Business Internet.

Connect your customer to the internet within minutes of ordering
with Rapid Mobile Activation & Mobile Backup for Wholesale Business Internet fibre services
Wholesale Business Internet


Rapid Mobile Activation allows you to connect your customer fast with an internet connection on our Mobile Network while the fibre connection is being installed.


With Rapid Mobile Activation the mobile service becomes available to use within minutes of placing the fibre order. Pop a SIM in your BYO device and it’s ready to be configured, tested, and deployed to your customer. You can provide a service sooner for your customers and start billing straight away. Mobile data is unlimited (subject to our fair use policy) to give you peace of mind.
Mobile Backup for Wholesale Business Internet leverages our Mobile Network so if the fibre connection is ever interrupted, your customers stay connected. Mobile Backup also could help you avoid the cost and complexity of creating bespoke solutions.


Ordering and management made easy

Our managed enablement service hub - MESH - provides a single place to check service availability, obtain pricing, create and manage orders, activate mobile connections, and then conduct ongoing service management for both fibre and mobile services allowing you to easily control and manage your customer's needs.


Deliver an internet service within minutes

Bringing fibre and mobile connectivity together means you can provide your customer an internet service within minutes using part of Australia’s leading mobile network, allowing you to bill while the fibre is being installed.

Keep your customer connected with mobile backup

Mobile Backup means you can deliver very high resilience connectivity for your customers, so your relationship is rock solid today and tomorrow. This helps to maintain business continuity and could reduce frequency and severity of service calls.

Choose the speed that meets your need

We offer three mobile service speeds - up to 20, 50 or 100 Mbps - each with unlimited data, at the same price so you can provide a speed that matches your customer's fibre service. By providing like for like speeds between fibre and mobile your customers have a more consistent experience whether on their fibre or mobile connection.

Choose a more resilient path

Unlike using two fixed connections that are likely to enter a building using the same conduit or path to supply primary and backup services, mobile backup increases service resilience by offering a wireless path. We think it is less likely that the mobile path and the fibre path would be simultaneously impacted.


Mobile Coverage 

We offer great coverage in more sites across Australia. With 7,800 4G and 7,800 3G sites, our 4G coverage reaches 97.9 % of the Australian population and the combined 4G and 3G coverage footprint reaches 98.8% of the Australian population.Check mobile coverage for a site here


About mobile speeds

The speed tiers on mobile services represent the maximum data speeds applied to both downstream and upstream transmissions on our network.

The typical speeds the End User will experience will vary depending on a range of factors and will not always be at or towards the top of the typical speed range. 4G devices will typically enjoy download speeds of between 2 Mbps and the maximum speed of the service, and upload speeds of between 1 Mbps and the maximum speed of the service. Signal strength and typical speeds can be enhanced with the use of an antenna.

What does ‘Internet included’ mean?

WBI is a complete internet solution, for you to provide business-grade internet to your business customers.


It includes everything needed to set users up; IP addresses, tails, network monitors and probes.


And because of the way we have configured the IP addresses in WBI, you can jump into MESH - the Managed Enablement Service Hub, look at the end-users connected devices and check on their internet service provision.


This means you can check your customers’ service without coming to us. 


Plus, as the network used is the Telstra network, our hub can provide feedback from across the service


‘Internet included’ means:

  • No network ownership needed
  • No need to set up a network system, or probes, or monitors
  • IP addresses included
What does ‘Business grade internet’ mean?

A true business-grade internet service. Wholesale Business Internet has been created specifically to provide internet to Australian businesses.


It is symmetrical, offers both contended and uncontended service levels, with a wide variety of bandwidths to suit different business uses from browsing to video conference and e-commerce.


With WBI you can gain access to market-leading availability targets and multiple redundant paths to the internet. We also monitor and manage our solution 24/7 to help ensure reliable performance.


It is also backed by a choice of best effort service level agreements to help give your customers peace of mind.

Wholesale Business Internet’s best-in-class reach

Wholesale Business Internet™ is based on Telstra Wholesale’s renowned high-performance fibre network.

We offer the largest internet backbone in Australia, with more access points than other providers.

What are the fibre connection speed choices?

Choose from our Premium or Standard services and multiple bandwidths. Add the address details into the quoting tool on MESH, our Managed Enablement Service Hub, and see the availability and price.


Available connections at 20Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps.


Our Premium service provides uncontended access, giving your customers access to their internet bandwidth without sharing it with other customers. Our Standard service is contended access, meaning the internet component is shared with other users, providing an affordable, high-quality shared connection option. 

Wholesale Business Internet™ key facts:
  • Wholesale Business Internet™ is a complete, ready-to-deploy internet service, designed to serve Australian businesses, and based wholly on Telstra’s best-in-class fibre network.
  • Telstra offers the largest internet backbone in Australia, with more access points than other providers.
  • It reaches multi-tenanted business sites within Australia, all pre-enabled to be lit.
  • Wholesale Business Internet™ has been designed to be very simple for users to set up and sell. You get access to Telstra’s fibre network, internet access, IP addresses, monitor points and a Managed Service Hub so you can configure the service for your customers’.
  • WBI requires no infrastructure ownership, no Internet Protocol skills or training, or any system probes or monitors. We do all that.
  • Choice of 6 bandwidths: 20Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps.
  • Simpler Structure: choose from Premium (uncontended internet) or Standard (contended internet) services
  • New pricing, plus attractive discounting on terms of 2 years+.
  • Improved Managed Service Hub. Our self-serve online platform is accessible via a secure, single sign-on. It has been updated following feedback from trial customers.
  • Full details in our Product Overview Document

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