Tap into residential and small business markets by developing your own competitive broadband offers. Add your own value-add applications and services to our ADSL service, use our Broadband Aggregation solution to reach ADSL users across Australia, and simplify your DSL and nbnTM Broadband operations, wherever you’re located.

Why choose us?


Connect to more customers than ever before with ADSL available at 2,807 exchanges nationwide across CBD, metro and regional Australia.


Streamlined solutions

Drive efficiencies through DSL product interconnectivity and compatibility, plus you’ll only need one wholesale broadband supplier.


Integrated solutions

Combine your ADSL offer with our other solutions, such as our IP transit product Telstra Wholesale Internet, to provide high performance, cost-effective dual circuit connectivity to both the domestic and global Internet.


Broadband Aggregation

Aggregate your traffic to a single national point of presence (POP) or several state-based POPs. You can also choose to have your nbn broadband traffic delivered to the same hand-off point. You only pay for a single Access Service Rate (Mbps) with a monthly charge for both ADSL and nbn traffic, rather than per VLAN.



Enjoy simple, flexible and cost-effective ordering and billing.

ADSL reports & plans

For our monthly ADSL reports please vist the ADSL Reports and Plans page. You will also find here a list of certified ADSL CPE Equipment.

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