Develop network capabilities

If you are a carrier, carriage service or internet service provider, Unconditioned Local Loop (ULL) enables you to develop network capability for a range of services such as voice and ADSL.


  • Our Unconditioned Local Loop Service (ULLS) provides a twisted metallic pair from an end-user’s premises to a Telstra exchange
  • Alternatively, the pair can link from an end-user’s premises to a remote integrated module known as a customer access module (CAM), the point where Telstra Wholesale delivers dial and ring tones to end users.


A current Telstra Wholesale customer who is a licensed carrier or carriage service provider may be eligible for Unconditioned Local Loop services, subject to agreement to the relevant terms and conditions for access.

Guide to migrating to a ULL service model

ULL Brands

Physical access

As part of Facilities Access processes, the following documents will be required when requesting access to Telstra sites as a Telstra Wholesale customer. Please refer to process documents/technical resources for further steps required prior to requesting access.


To obtain an authority, please contact your TW account manager.

Facilities Access Services