Our backhaul solutions offer you a range of options for fast, reliable capacity, whether you need high bandwidth backhaul between your major Points of Presence, data centres and the nbn™ network Points of Interconnect (POI), or enhanced service assurance for vital data and voice services.

Why choose us?

Resilient transmissions

With permanent, reliable and secure connectivity together with enhanced assurance and proactive monitoring options, our solutions are ideal for mission critical data and voice traffic.


Flexible capacity

Easily upgrade your transmission capacity, adding new bandwidth as quickly as the next business day with the new Telstra Wholesale Wavelength DCI offering.


Extensive coverage

Our solutions are underpinned by Australia’s largest high performance optical transport network. They are available in metro areas, along inter-capital routes, in major regional areas, as well as at each nbn POI.










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Telstra Wholesale’s nbn POI backhaul solution provides a cost effective way to transport CVC traffic from nbn network POIs to your points of presence (PoPs). With low upfront costs and a solution tailored to your specific requirements in this rapidly growing and changing market, the nbn POI backhaul solution from Telstra Wholesale introduces an optimal way to run your own services on the nbn network.


Available at all 121 nbn POIs and supported by Telstra’s reliable and secure optical fibre network available country wide, the nbn POI backhaul solution provides the necessary flexibility to help your business growth as the demand for nbn services increase.


Meet the demand for data with high bandwidth, point-to-point backhaul connectivity between network points of presence (PoPs).


Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology caters for the increasing need for high capacity backhaul and reliable performance.


Delivered over Telstra’s reliable and secure optical fibre network, you can chose between bandwidth options of 1Gbit/s Ethernet, 10Gbit/s Ethernet, 100Gbit/s Ethernet, 2.5Gbit/s SDH, 10Gbit/s SDH, 2.5Gbit/s OTN, 10Gbit/s OTN, 100Gbit/s OTN in capital city metro areas, along inter-capital routes and in selected major regional areas.

Ethernet Backhaul

Meet your customers’ increasing demand for high speed data with flexible backhaul bandwidth solutions.


With Ethernet Backhaul, you can create fast connections between your points of presence (PoPs), Telstra equipment buildings where you have equipment and data centre sites. Using virtual connections with different bandwidths and different classes of service, you can prioritise data traffic to meet your needs.


Our Ethernet Backhaul solution can be customised as your demand grows, helping you to improve operational efficiencies, decrease time-to-market and ensure your customers always receive the best possible connectivity experiences.

Telstra Wholesale’s Managed Leased Line (MLL) gives you dedicated and scalable high-capacity bandwidth, ideal if you need a backhaul solution that delivers resilient high performing connectivity. MLL replaces our transmission and carrier grade Ethernet products and is backed up by proactive monitoring with the highest possible level of service assurance.


Data Carriage Service

Dedicated, scalable and reliable national connectivity with Telstra Wholesale’s Data Carriage Service. Simple, dedicated and scalable point-to-point capacity lets you choose from bandwidths between 2Mbps and 1Gbps, with Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) and Ethernet interface options.


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