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Offer eSIM activation for your customers with the latest eSIM enabled handsets

As a mobile virtual network operator, you depend on Telstra Wholesale to help maximise the opportunity to serve your customers. By enhancing your systems to adopt Telstra Wholesale’s eSIM activation capability on the latest version of the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Solution, you can create a simple, digital-first activation experience for your customers using the latest eSIM enabled handsets.


In the future, eSIM will support a range of new opportunities for MVNOs so being eSIM enabled is a key step to prepare your business for the future.  You’ll be supported by the deep expertise of the Telstra Wholesale team and its industry leading partners.

What is an eSIM

An eSIM is an embedded SIM that’s built into a compatible device.  It enables your customers to activate their service by simply downloading an eSIM profile using a unique QR code or app. For dual SIM compatible devices, customers can use a physical SIM as well as an eSIM, and make the most of two mobile numbers on one device.


  • Seamless technology - From mobile phones to 2-in-1 tablets and laptops, eSIM technology makes service activation easy.  

  • Two phone numbers, one device - On compatible smartphones, your customers can use a physical SIM at the same time as an eSIM. This means they can have a personal and business phone number on one device. 

  • Simplified inventory management and logistics – eSIM can minimise the need for warehousing or physical distribution which introduce cost and complexity. 

  • Brand differentiation & marketing - new opportunities and new ways to take your services to market. Attract and activate new customers more quickly in their moment of need.  

Dual SIM compatible devices: When one mobile service is being used, the second mobile service becomes inactive. This means you can only receive calls and texts, or use data, on one service at a time. Call forwarding can be set up so you don't miss any calls when either service is inactive.  


eSIM activation can be achieved using physical (printed) QR codes, digital QR codes or via an app based process. The latter two activation processes are digital and do not require warehousing or physical distribution.  

The eSIM enabled transformation

eSIM is a transformative technology that will change the way we activate and manage mobile services.  

 eSIM compatible devices are increasingly available in market. There are two distinct categories of devices that support eSIM.  The first category is called primary devices.  These are commonly thought of as mobile handsets that can be used to activate secondary devices.   


Currently, secondary devices are devices like mobile connected watches, but this category is set for growth with the adoption of the internet of things.