Easily deploy, activate and manage machine-to-machine devices in Australia on Telstra’s IoT network.

Key benefits

A single management solution for mass deployments

Manage your plans, SIMs and electronic profiles with one solution capable of handling millions of transactions.


Deploy universal devices in Australia

Roll out your global eSIM-equipped device fleet with bootstrapped profiles and we’ll take care of localisation and activation.


Gain insights from data

Our platform provides you with valuable device usage data including charging information and calling statistics.

Case studies

Car manufacturers

A global car manufacturer can enable remote connection back to their platforms with automatic profile switching.


Smart Cities

Utilities can monitor and control assets such as street lights, water pumps/valves, traffic control systems etc.

Why choose Telstra Wholesale

Leading IoT network

You can expand into new markets with confidence in Australia’s largest IoT network. Our cellular low powered wide area network (LPWAN) is purpose-built for secure, reliable machine-to-machine data communication. 


Fast set up time

Start billing sooner with automated, repeatable processes that enable you to add new end customers quickly and easily.


Mobile enablement and management expertise

We work with many of the world’s largest IoT MVNOs and we have partnered with industry leaders to develop our IoT solutions.

Who is this solution for?

Connectivity management is a mass scale solution for providers with deployed IOT management systems.


Can connectivity management help me manage my consumer IoT solutions?

This solution is designed to lower the cost of monitoring and controlling assess by automating the activation and management of machine-to-machine devices.