Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre hands you the controls to your data network.

Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre hands you the controls to your data network

At last, Telstra InfraCo is opening access to parts of the fibre-optic network which powers Telstra, with its new Dark Fibre products. Configure our fibre your way, to deliver the privacy, performance and ability to upgrade capacity which new customers demand.


Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre offers dedicated fibre pairs to create the operational and bandwidth flexibility, security, or speed needed to serve customers or unlock new business opportunities.




Key benefits for your business


Configure your network, your way



Scale bandwidth by upgrading/downgrading your active equipment to support customers’ needs into the future



Dark fibre pairs are used only by you



Predictable spend; optimal expense vs managed services



Greater control over your customers’ valuable data



proven and ready to buy today[1]


[1] Subject to available capacity and ordering timeframes

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Why choose Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre?

250+ pre-defined paths available now

6 Capital Cities  

68 Metro data centres  

78 Metro NBN Points of Interconnect  

2 Cable Landing Stations

Search your dark fibre path
Plus - configure your own paths between our growing list of connected data centres, NBN POI’s and Cable Landing Stations

Product benefits
  • 250​+ pre-defined fibre paths on high demand routes serving:
    • Data Centre to Data Centre (DC)
    • NBN Point of Interconnect (POI) to NBN POI
    • DC to NBN POI
    • DC to Cable Landing Station 
  • Reaching 68 metro data centres, 78 metro NBN POIs and 2 Cable Landing Stations
  • In Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth
  • Metro SLA targets:
    • 99.95% availability
    • 1 hour fault response to customer notification and
    • 8 hour fault restoration
  • Fixed price quotes, and 3, 5 or 10-year contract terms
Product Offering
Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre Maps
3D Interactive map instructions
Mouse: Trackpad: Touch screen:
- Left mouse button to click on routes and reveal pop up; pan - pinch to zoom in and out - pinch to zoom in and out
- Scroll wheel to zoom in and out - left button to pan - tap on routes to reveal pop up
- Right mouse button to 3D Rotate - right button to rotate - hold ctrl and touch to 3D rotate

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