Add a new revenue stream or a loyalty-building service by offering your customers quality internet from Telstra Wholesale under your own brand – with nbn® provisioning and backup all taken care of by our experts.

Build your business with White Label Internet

Enhance your brand with a quality internet product that’s a credit to your company – backed by Telstra Wholesale.

Create a new revenue stream

Help cement customer loyalty by providing existing and new customers with high-performing internet services.


Maximise what the nbn® delivers

Serve your customers a great internet experience with the buying power of Telstra’s CVC dimensioning and backup using the Telstra Mobile Network.


Flexibility to grow

With Telstra Wholesale managing the complexity, you’ll have a cost-effective way to grow your business. Backed by our nbn® purchasing power, you won’t need to worry about projecting capacity needs for your customers – you’ll only need pay for what your customers order.

Already selling internet to your customers?

Switch to a high-performing white label solution to connect your customers and create a powerful business opportunity for your brand.


Technology made simple

Activate services for your customers, helping to create a great experience, by connecting your systems to our secure APIs or using our simple quote, order and service management platform.


Why change?

With migration, ordering, nbn® provisioning and backup all taken care of by our experts, Telstra Wholesale gives you good reason to change suppliers.

Supported switchover

When you migrate your existing internet services to Telstra Wholesale, our primary focus is minimising impact on your customers. We’ll work with you to help ensure devices are ready for the transition, as well as help you communicate effectively with your customers.

Partnering with Telstra Wholesale makes internet service provision a brilliant business decision.


The simple way to sell internet

Telstra Wholesale provides you with a simple path to enter the nbn internet market or switch over from your existing provider.


Premium dimensioning

Rely on us to help ensure your customers will get as close as possible to the speed they order – even at peak hour – underpinned by Telstra’s nbn® purchasing power and experience.



Partnering with Telstra Wholesale brings you decades of network experience, leading technologies and continued investment, helping you provide experiences your customers will love so you can grow your business.


Trust in Telstra Wholesale’s capability to deliver. Telstra delivers internet to millions of Australians – and we use the same experience and technology to deliver for your customers. And we have a strong local presence to support you.



White Label Internet - offer quality internet services for your customers

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