How it works

High quality and stable internet connections are critical for doing business today. Keep your customers connected with Telstra Wholesale Internet (TWI), which provides high performance, scalable and cost-effective connectivity to domestic and global Internet routes.


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How it works

High Performance

Deliver richer digital experiences to your end users with low latency connectivity on a high quality, resilient network that uses the shortest path to the domestic and global Internet.


Extensive Reach

Choose the solution that best fits your business operations with domestic or global Internet solutions that enable you to quickly set up Internet connectivity without building your own infrastructure. Access our extensive TWI domestic routes, IP backbone networks in the US and Europe, and one of the largest and most comprehensive networks in Asia Pacific through Telstra Global.


Scalable solutions

We offer a range of port capacity options from 1GB up to 100GB to help you meet your end users’ demand for data into the future. Our link bundling capability means you can bundle multiple links together and view as one source to make it easier to manage your connections as you grow.


Streamline your operations

Manage your own network configurations, including selecting the routes you want to promote and making bandwidth changes.


Internet peering is a bilateral interconnection arrangement between Internet networks. It involves the exchange of traffic on a settlement-free basis, and is founded on the peering parties having a degree of parity between their networks. Telstra has peering guidelines which are intended to set out the general attributes Telstra may expect from an Internet provider seeking to peer with its Australian domestic network


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