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High performing internet connectivity

High quality and stable internet connections are critical for doing business today. Our IP transit product, Telstra Wholesale Internet (TWI) provides high performance, cost-effective dual circuit connectivity to both the domestic and global internet.

With built-in scalability and the benefit of connecting to Australia’s largest high performing internet backbone, Telstra Wholesale Internet provides a flexible and cost efficient way of keeping you and your customers connected to the world wide web.

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Telstra Wholesale Internet

National and international connectivity that’s resilient and scalable

Our TWI solution provides transit connectivity to the Australian and global internet via dedicated connections to any one of over 86 national Points of Presence (PoPs), with extended access to over 41 global Points of Presence.

We offer two types of TWI. Either way you get a resilient and scalable solution:

  • TWI Domestic is ideal if you’ve already invested in international Internet capacity, and need connectivity to the largest Australian internet backbone.
  • TWI Global is the solution if you need to quickly set up both domestic and international internet connectivity without building and operating your own infrastructure. You’ll get access to both our extensive TWI domestic routes, to US and European domestic IP backbone networks as well as access to Telstra Global's network, which is one of the largest and most comprehensive IP backbone networks in the Asia-Pacific region.

Why choose Telstra Wholesale

With Telstra Wholesale Internet you have access to an extremely resilient internet network with low latency, giving you high quality network on the quickest, shortest path to the domestic and global internet.

Our customers all have differing needs and specifications, so we’ve made our solutions as flexible as possible. Our dedicated team of specialists can help identify the best TWI solution for your business and meet your customers' needs.

Our extensive Points of Presence domestically and globally mean that you can access the internet cost effectively through a single supplier. And you’ll also get access to our self service portal for online access to your usage and billing information. You’ll be able to proactively manage your own network configurations, including selecting the routes you want to promote, configuring your domain name servers and making bandwidth changes.

Telstra Wholesale Internet is continually evolving with more PoPs, greater reliability and redundancy planned in the coming months.

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Telstra Wholesale Internet - how it works
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Telstra Wholesale Internet


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