Create and deliver high quality voice packages without needing to build and manage your own infrastructure.

Why choose us?

Customised voice solutions
Create offerings that are right for you and your customers by choosing from a range of product features including untimed local calls, long distance calls, inbound voice services and voice messaging.


Future ready
With voice and data networks built and maintained by Telstra, you can leverage our innovation and continue to offer customers great voice experiences into the future.


We’ve made invoicing processes easier so you can focus on serving your customers.


Meet customer demands faster with our online ordering and billing systems

Features of Fixed Voice

Basic Access
Choose between plans tailored for your customer segments with a Home Access plan or a Business Access plan for each basic access or basic telephone service.

Local Carriage Service
Offer untimed local calls to your customers under your own brand using our Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Operator Services Terminating
If you’re a carrier or carriage service provider offering a standard telephone service on your own network, Operator Services Terminating lets you offer operator services such as emergency 000 and 1223 domestic directory assistance calls to your customers.


Telstra Wholesale provides carriage of and access to:

  • Emergency calls from a point of interconnect to the Telstra Emergency Calls Service
  • Voice telephone calls from the point of interconnect to the Telstra Directory Assistance Service.

This product is also suitable if you have obligations set down in ministerial and legislative determinations or industry codes developed by the Communications Alliance.


Other fixed voice products

Our resale suite of products also includes:

  • Long distance voice calls such as STD, international direct and fixed to mobile calls
  • Inbound services such as Freecall 1800, Priority One3, Priority 1300, and International Freecall
  • Voice messaging solutions such as MessageBank, calling number display, call control and multiple number

Telstra Wholesale’s GlobalLinx international service terminates international voice calls that originate in Australia, from both fixed and mobile phones, enabling you to offer competitive international calling services to customers. Even better, there is no minimum purchase level giving you the freedom to package up services as you choose.


Choose the service level that suits your business needs:

  • Premium: offers international connectivity to more than 500 fixed destinations and over 500 mobile destinations providing greater depth of routing, backed by service level agreements
  • Enhanced: provides more competitive rates to more than 500 fixed and over 500 mobile destinations using best endeavour routing for high call quality and reliability.
Fixed Voice

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