Celebrate the moment...

We helped Exetel simplify their quoting process. By working side by side, we were able to turn a complex ordering process into a powerful digital tool that made it easier and faster for their sales staff to produce highly accurate quotes.


So join us as we celebrate the power of technology in collaboration.

Experience the moment...

We helped Enablis turn a pressing business threat into a growth opportunity. By applying business insights and world-class technology solutions, together we created a future-proof solution that made network migration easy for existing customers and helped Enablis win new clients.

And we believe that great relationships are key to great outcomes. So watch Behind the Moment - a special look at real moments with the people who have built a solid partnership together.


The Moment


Behind the Moment


Who we are

Telstra Wholesale is more than Australia’s leading wholesaler of technology and network services. We partner with our customers to create ‘Aha moments’ that simplify the way they do business, unlock new growth opportunities and fully utilise the capabilities of our world-class network.


What we do

Telstra Wholesale provides a wide range of technology products and services delivered over Telstra networks and associated support systems to telecommunications and technology providers, who in turn support all levels of the business and consumer marketplace. 


Together we co-create market-leading solutions with our customers that harness unique combinations of our world-class voice, wireless, mobile, internet, data and application services.


Why choose Telstra Wholesale?

Remember the moment when you overcame a fundamental business challenge, or found a way to unlock a looming opportunity and gain a competitive edge.  Rarely does it happen in isolation. It requires teamwork, collaboration, and the right partners.


At Telstra Wholesale, our mission is to partner with you to co-create your next big moment. It could be the moment when working together shines a light on a new opportunity, or gives you a new perspective on an issue you’re facing or highlights a new way of doing things that drives value for your business and your customers.


Our team of experts are committed to partnering with you and your team, so you too can experience the moment …



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