How it Works

Wholesale CTS is a both-way call termination service delivered over Session Initiation Protocol Trunk (SIP Trunk) technology connecting your SIP based calling platform to Telstra’s BroadWorks IP telephony calling platform.


Wholesale CTS allows for voice calls to be made and received by your IP telephony equipment to and from Telstra and other carrier’s domestic and international fixed and mobile services.


Telstra’s BroadWorks IP telephony platform is used to deliver SIP Trunk connectivity, Enterprise Trunking management and number hosting capability.


Wholesale CTS is delivered over Telstra’s Ethernet Access (EA) Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) services to ensure carrier grade voice quality and underlying service reliability.


In the longer term Wholesale CTS is planned to be delivered over any Telstra Quality of Service (QoS) capable access technology and also be available over the Public Internet for best effort voice depending on your requirements.

Key Features

Carrier grade quality of service

  • Designed for businesses needing carrier quality voice services in conjunction with their own IP telephony or OTT voice solutions.
  • Inbound or outbound calling options or both.
  • Full aggregation, control and oversight of termination of your IP Telephony and Voice Services.
  • Fully interconnected to Telstra and connected to third party IP and PSTN networks globally – we can be your one stop shop including options to bundle with our Global Linx International Call Termination service.
  • Full Caller Line ID (CLI) Delivery within Australia and Routing for CLI Delivery outside of Australia.


  • Flexible, scalable, and customisable to suit your specific business requirements.

Number hosting options

  • Telstra allocated Geographic or non-geographic fixed numbers.
  • Option to bundle (not host) inbound number services (13/1300/1800) with hosted fixed numbers
  • Bulk port in available using existing Telstra Wholesale processes.

Easy to use customer self-service portal

  • Automated, low-touch, Web Portal to self-manage your own enterprise trunking and call distribution policies.
A high level product view of the Wholesale CTS is shown below

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