More ways for your customers to stay connected

Offer your customers the freedom to leave their phones at home, with Telstra Wholesale’s eSIM Companion Plan connectivity for a range of eSIM-enabled smartwatches.


With cellular connectivity, end users can stay connected with voice and data services on their smartwatch device, independently from their paired smart phone.


Expand your mobile offering by building on top of eSIM functionality for mobile phone devices. Smartwatches are a growing market, with an estimated 36% of Australians owning one at the end of 2022, an increase of 4% YoY.  Create a mobile ecosystem that taps into growing customer demand by bundling mobile and smartwatch connectivity.


Companion device plans are just the start of our strategy to help MVNOs use the growing power of IoT to thrive.

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Key benefits

Help grow your mobile offering with new services and products.

Create new opportunities to attract and retain customers and increase ARPU by offering smartwatch connectivity to meet consumer demand.


Create mobile ecosystems to help drive customer loyalty

Offer your consumers the convenience of combining their connectivity options under your service, using one number1.


A new proposition for the MVNO market

Be among the first MVNOs in Australia to offer companion plans for smartwatches. And be among the very first pre-paid services sellers to add companion device plans.


Helping advance your brand to the forefront of MVNO innovation

We invest in world-class technology and expertise, including our partnership with leading radio connectivity partner Ericsson, to bring MVNOs new opportunities for growth. Companion devices are just the start of our IoT journey.


1. Telstra Wholesale One Number enables you to use your primary service number when making calls from your watch, i.e. the B-party will see the same mobile number when you are calling from your phone or watch.  Calls to the primary service number will be received and can be answered on either phone or watch.


Why your customers will love companion device plans


End users can leave their phone at home but stay connected with voice and data services on their smartwatch on the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network.



End users can use the same number as their current phone service and manage it all on one bill.


Easy to set up

It’s quick and easy for your customers to get started with activation through their primary device.



We offer great coverage, in more places in Australia, underpinned by a high quality and reliable network.


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