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Who is Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre for?
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Who is Dark Fibre for?

Global carriers can utilise Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre

Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre has been created for service providers and network operators with high bandwidth use cases. Here are some examples.

Is Dark Fibre right for your business?

Global Carriers

Global cloud providers can be confident they are able to scale up capacity to process and transmit large volumes of customer data ​by upgrading their equipment when it suits their business.

Hyperscalers/ Over the Top

Hyperscalers and OTT’s can use dark fibre to allow maximum, control, assurance and scalability. Providing short paths and geographic diversity and/or carrier diversity to nurture the high volume of data and end customers’.

Data Centre Operators

Controlling transmission equipment on routes between operators’ geographically separated sites, enables data centre operators to offer high performance, secure data connectivity that addresses end customer operational and business continuity needs.

Internet Service Providers / Value Added Resellers

Value-added resellers providing managed connectivity and ICT services to organisations and consumers can combine dark fibre with lit networks to provide secure data connections and high-performance connectivity to end users.

Integrated Telcos

Build versus buy is always a factor for integrated Telcos when capex may not be available for all initiatives.  Dark fibre provides choice with cost, timing, and scalability, whether it be for traditional data networks or mobile backhaul.

Fixed Network Operators

Building for their own core network infrastructure or for their customers’ access, dark fibre enables a quicker and cheaper way to build solutions whilst maintaining control in operations and scaling.


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