Market Extender Suite

The Telstra Wholesale Market Extender™ Suite provides white label telco service which allows brands to offer their customer base fixed nbn™ and mobile service enabled by Telstra Wholesale.


Market Extender Suite is modular in nature.


Choose the full suite or build your own services around our core capabilities.

Managed telco capability

Market Extender Suite can be matched to the needs and capabilities of your business.


Choose from prepaid or postpaid mobile or nbn™ services to deliver a valuable new product line for your customers.  

Why choose Market Extender ?

Market Extender can help your brand extend its offering and capture new revenue streams.


With Market Extender Suite your brand can:


  • Retain customer ownership 
  • Offer mobile and nbn services
  • Stay focused on serving your customers
  • Create a valuable new product line for your business 
  • Enhance customer retention and improve ARPU and customer lifetime value
  • Leverage the networks, expertise and experience of Australia’s telco industry leader 
  • Simplify vendor arrangements by working with one partner 
  • Use pre-built platforms to assist operational efficiency and speed to market
  • Access to a comprehensive suite of services to manage telco products on your behalf and allow you to focus on your proposition and customers. Our services are modularised and flexible to allow you to choose the best combination to optimise your operating model. 
  • An end-to-end Telstra managed solution. You benefit from Telstra Wholesale’s economies of scale, have access to our market leading networks and can be confident your products and operations are managed by experts. 
  • The ability to retain customer ownership and generate value from your relationship with your end customer across your telco and other products.
  • Simple and compelling wholesale price on plans constructs which provide quantifiable input costs for you. 
  • A range of end user plan options matched to your customer value proposition and your target market
  • A one-stop shop for all your telco technical and operational needs to reduce the complexity of managing multiple network, IT and operational vendors.
  • The ability to control of the look, feel and functionality of digital channels that are integrated into core marketing and end-user experience.
  • The ability to leverage from your existing systems, logistics and products such as Customer Care, Customer and access modular components.
Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile Service

Telstra Wholesale’s high-quality mobile network with extensive coverage, supported by a state-of-the-art intelligent network platform and online systems, to help you manage and engage your end users in real time.

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Market Extender - nbn

The TW Market Extender Broadband and Voice service provides the End User with a broadband connection to the Internet or a voice service (or both) over nbn-Related Networks.


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Offering Mobiles and nbnTM with Market Extender Suite