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Facilitate migration to the NBN

Under the Migration Plan Telstra may apply an Order Stability Period (OSP) in respect of Wholesale and Retail services provided over the copper network and retail services provided over the hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network, in each Rollout Region immediately prior to the Disconnection Date (DD).

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The purpose of the OSP is to facilitate migration to the NBN in an orderly and robust manner. Changes have been made to the OSP in line with the varied Migration Plan (approved by the ACCC on 26 June 2015) in order to provide more flexibility and an improved migration experience for customers who place an order for an NBN service.

Previously, the OSP commenced 20 business days prior to DD and ended at DD. Now, following industry consultation in May 2015 and the earlier notification to the ACCC, the OSP commences at DD+5 business days and concludes at DD+45 business days for all Premises without an In-Train Order.

For services at Premises with NBN In-Train Orders, the required functionality to extend the OSP status until NBN connection or DD+120 business days (unless cancelled or revoked earlier) was deployed in May 2015.  


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Facilitate migration to the NBN

During the OSP we do not process any orders that relate to the supply of copper or HFC services provided to any Premises within the Fixed Line Footprint in a Rollout Region, other than cancellation orders, orders for Special Services and ULLS as a Special Service Input.

The diagram below outlines the phases of service restrictions, including the OSP, for each Rollout Region.

Rollout Region Migration

Certain additional order types will also be able to proceed during an OSP, including:

  • Exchange based barring and suspension of services
  • Order and service remediation, reversals, reconnections for error or credit management purposes
  • Local Number Portability
  • Change of Service details for nuisance calls and silent line requests
  • Orders that are received which have not completed prior to the OSP Commencement Date
  • Further changes to service details relating to Name or Directory Listing relating to specific personal circumstances
  • Exchange Based Virtual Services
  • Bulk churns or transfers of copper services arising from industry mergers and acquisitions
  • Restoration of Copper Service or Retail HFC Service following confirmation of an In-Train Order

These additional order types will proceed during the OSP for the Premises in respect of which the order is submitted. In the event the orders are not completed prior to the relevant Managed Disconnection Date then those orders will be withdrawn and the services disconnected. Further details on these additional order types allowed to proceed during an OSP are set out in Attachment 1 – Schedule 9 of the Migration Plan. Click here for a copy of the Migration Plan.

The OSP does not prevent either Telstra Wholesale or Retail customers from lodging cancellation orders (including transition orders that result in or are associated with disconnection) up to the Managed Disconnection Date. The OSP also does not affect the ordering or provisioning of services on the NBN. That is, the OSP does not impact on the ability of retail service providers (RSPs) to lodge connection orders with NBN Co during this period.    

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