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Telstra tackles ‘speed to market’ challenge
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Telstra tackles ‘speed to market’ challenge


Over the next five years we expect Telstra’s networks to carry five times as much data and four times as many devices as today . So to meet that demand, Telstra is building Network for the Future for our consumer, enterprise and wholesale customers.

Speaking at Telstra Wholesale’s Market Connections Forum Telstra’s Chief Operations Officer Robyn Denholm talked about how bringing ideas to market in a timely manner remains a key focus for Telstra. According to Ms Denholm, there are some key developments underway that will improve speed to market for our customers and technology partners.

The foundation for change is enhancements to Telstra’s network through the additional investment of more than $1.5 billion the company is making in the Network for the Future program to deliver the capacity and capabilities to meet the demands of the future.

The second development is around ways of working. Ms Denholm draws on her recent experience in the fast paced tech world of Silicon Valley where innovation cycles are in weeks and months rather than years. While some things do take years to bring to market, as Telstra moves to a more iterative way of working, increasing its co-creation capability particularly using DevOps and agile-type methodologies, the company will release products, services and capabilities faster and unlock more of the potential to create customer centric solutions.

“I do think there'll be a lot more collaboration between us and third parties, customers and partners included, to actually bring out the next wave of products,” Robyn Denholm, Telstra Chief Operations Officer.

Collaboration with customers and technology partners can help deliver customer centric solutions at scale. “Because fundamentally we have the best technology in the world and scaling it takes a slightly different business model, which is this collaborative approach between customers and partners,” said Ms Denholm.

Watch the video to learn more.

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