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Grow your IoT service with asset tracking from Telstra Wholesale
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Grow your IoT service with asset tracking from Telstra Wholesale

Track and Monitor for Resellers


The Internet of Things (IoT) market is booming. Businesses across industries and sectors are investing in IoT solutions to gain actionable business insights, reduce costs, and improve their end customer experience. Total spending on IoT in Australia and New Zealand is predicted to reach $24 billion by 2026. Analysts predict the IoT use cases with the highest spending are related to labour-intensive and assets-heavy industries, such as manufacturing, utilities, and transportation freight monitoring.


We have launched Track and Monitor to help IoT service providers tap into this burgeoning market using our solution focused on the needs of resellers.


Award-winning asset tracking for resellers

Track and Monitor is an asset tracking service that combines robust devices, network connectivity, and access to device data via an API. The product is proven in the enterprise market and has been recognised by international experts including the IoT Alliance and the IoT Global Awards.


We worked closely with Telstra’s product and technology team to adapt the product for resellers and IoT service providers. The solution gives you scope to extend the value Track and Monitor delivers. The product offers location and other sensor data which can be combined with other datasets and your platform capabilities to offer unique propositions for your customers.



How it works

Devices – Our tracking devices come in two flavours. The first is a solar-charged battery powered unit. Ideally suited for larger assets, the Cat M1 Solar Tracking Unit sends frequent updates when moving to provide location data, temperature and other data points.

The second device is a battery powered unit for tracking moving assets. This device caters for a range of use cases where the asset is not powered, and the end user application does not require minute by minute location updates. For example, the device can be set to update location on movement, helping the end user to understand when a normally static asset has been moved so they can act based on that information.


Connectivity – Track and monitor your customers’ assets in more places throughout Australia with connectivity to Australia’s largest IoT network.


Our devices use the Cat M1 IoT network to connect and send data. The Cat M1 network is specifically designed to help maximise device battery life – which means more time for the devices in the field. The network offers cost-effective tracking with a fixed monthly price, rather than on a cost per ping or data allowance basis.


Data – We know your competitive advantage comes from the magic you create with the data.


With Telstra Wholesale Track and Monitor, we give you access to device data via secure APIs. You can plug Track and Monitor data straight into your platform for fast, streamlined analysis of asset location. You are able to combine with other data sets to create deeper insights about asset location, condition, utilisation and more.


How to start

Track and Monitor is easy to buy, set up and manage. The first step is to talk to us about your needs. Then, after signing the contract, you can buy some devices and connect the API to your systems. It’s simple. We’ve made billing simple too so you can buy only what you need and can easily identify and pass through costs to your customers.


Create new opportunities

Any industry or business with heavy equipment or smaller moving assets can benefit from a tracking solution. Here are just a few of the possible use cases for Track and Monitor.


Transport – Use the solar-charged Cat M1 tracker on freight, rail wagons or containers to easily locate assets, forecast delivery times and generate data for analysis.


Field construction – Deploy tracking units across the distribution process to monitor equipment location, allocate resources and inform project management plans.


Food Delivery – Deploy tracking units across the distribution process to monitor perishable goods, as well as help understand temperature at the device location or infer speed.


Bring strategic value to your customers

As Gartner says in its Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023, “networks will go well beyond pure connectivity to become a source of direct business value” as businesses use data to make faster, more accurate future decisions. IoT service providers who know their customers well and understand their business goals can identify more use cases and applications where tracking technology can help inform decision-making.


Our asset tracking solution offers a simple pathway for you to tap into these trends and become your customer’s strategic partner with visibility, intelligence and insight into their asset location and usage.


Track and Monitor is available to buy so you can start realising new value from your IoT platforms now. Learn more about our IoT offering or contact our sales team today.

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