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Virtutel - Building Business on the nbn network
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Virtutel - Building Business on the nbn network

Virtutel is a full service domestic and international telecommunications provider of private network, Internet, co-location and voice services. They serve a range of customers including business, enterprise and government, distributed through their partner and wholesale channels.

They currently have a number of products with Telstra Wholesale including Ethernet, DSL and PSTN, and nbn broadband and voice services.


nbn is a new type of network and raises a number of new challenges, the main one being business integration. Virtutel’s teams are very familiar with their existing processes and systems, which simplifies the technical delivery of services and provides a better customer experience. This in turn creates happy loyal customers.

They know firsthand some of the complexities of providing nbn services and when they first took on nbn capabilities with another supplier, it caused a number of difficulties for their business. They spent time investigating with their teams, and decided to move across to nbn services from Telstra Wholesale.

Virtutel nbn


Virtutel has an excellent team dedicated to bringing customers onto their network and services. Their team were very familiar with their current processes for DSL– and Telstra Wholesale’s solution makes nbn products for a number of the multi technology mix access types available using a very similar process and interface.

The adoption of nbn services has had minimal impact on Virtutel’s backend processes. Their staff focus on serving customers rather than having to learn an entirely new system from ground up.

Telstra Wholesale’s product set is enhanced by broadband aggregation, an ethernet based aggregation of end user broadband traffic between the network and Virtutel’s points of presence.

The plug and play nature of Telstra Wholesale’s solution is very attractive to Virtutel too. For end users, the new system is extremely easy to set up, to the extent that you can simply plug in a router and away you go.

This provides an excellent experience from a customer point of view, allowing Virtutel to focus efforts on creating more valuable solutions.


Bundling with Telstra Wholesale is a very attractive option and you have the safeguard of knowing you’re going with one of the best in the business.


As a new product and one that Virtutel need to feel confident in delivering to their customers, it’s vital to get constant feedback and updates on the nbn service. It’s critical to know how the network is performing and if there are any issues in the network delivery. The Telstra team is able to offer the nbn access types in a way that makes Virtutel feel assured about the ability to service their own customers.

For Virtutel, Telstra Wholesale really is the trusted service provider and is directly connected to all of the nbn co’s POPs (Points of Presence), resulting in greater network coverage. Also, Virtutel’s transition to the nbn was as smooth as they could wish for.

Telstra Wholesale has made a genuine and concerted effort to deliver the highest standards of customer experience through their professional installations of the service.

Over the coming months Virtutel will roll out their nbn service to customers, but they already have the greatest confidence that this is something they can rely upon that will deliver a real difference to their customers.

To learn more, download the Virtutel case study

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