Telstra Wholesale's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) make it quicker and easier for you to access the systems and capabilities needed to deliver exceptional experiences to your end users. Build to our APIs to help to reduce your costs and service customers more efficiently, by integrating TW functions and information directly into your own IT system.

How Telstra Wholesale APIs support our customers' businesses

Reduce cost and improve efficiencies 

Serve your customers faster and save on resource costs. Our APIs streamline your processes, increase automation, and decrease complexity


Modular application

Each API implements a single, stand-alone function, giving you building blocks to integrate into your operations. Maximise the value of your investment, choosing how and when you want to build into Telstra Wholesale systems.



APIs are decoupled from our systems, instead linking directly to our core applications. This means more up-time for you, and less impact from planned maintenance windows.


Create brilliant customer experiences

Control the experience you want with your customers through up to date, on time and accurate information – straight into your own systems.

The TW Dev Portal

Designed as a self-service site, using industry standards and a world leading platform (OKAPI), our developer portal allows you to easily integrate Telstra Wholesale capabilities into your business:


  • Two step authentication with no firewall burns required
  • Swagger Specs exposing all code
  • Developer and Test environments
  • Try it now functionality
  • User Management


Explore TW Dev Portal here.

Telstra Wholesale & the API family

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