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ISDN to Business Voice: Helping your business unlock new customer demand
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ISDN to Business Voice: Helping your business unlock new customer demand

The ‘legacy’ of ISDN speaks for itself. A much-loved product embedded into the psyche of Australian business. Despite being over 30 years old, the technology is as good and as relevant today as it ever was. Highly reliable, robust and dedicated are just three of the words that might come to mind if you asked anyone who’s been involved with ISDN over the years.

The fact that, 30 years after its initial launch, businesses around Australia rely so much on it is testament to the strength of the product. We’ve come to rely on and may have taken for granted, the simple notion of picking up the phone and speaking to someone within a matter of seconds, through a dedicated network.

Shaping business

Indeed, the reliability of ISDN has not only kept up with the demands of business, but has also helped to shape many different facets of business life that we see today. The birth of shopping outside of the traditional bricks and mortar environment, pre-dating the Internet age, saw the telephone combine with the television to create home shopping through telephone orders.

Call centres and the ability for consumers to reach businesses at the push of a button is arguably the beginnings of the ‘always-on’ business. It’s a medium that has allowed consumers to reach businesses within seconds as opposed to hours, days or even weeks that it previously took through the post.

While ISDN still has a lot to offer, the nbnTM network will supersede its capabilities, and there’s a need to bring our voice communications in line with that change. The good news is that our partners and customers have been helping us to understand how that change should look.

TW Business Voice IP from Telstra is the culmination of ensuring that all of the things you love about ISDN are brought over to the new era of voice communications, and then some. It’s based on the insights and knowledge we have gained from our partners and customers over the years.

Quality and Flexibility

Quality is an important feature that partners and customers have come to expect from Telstra. But we know that there’s also a strong need for flexibility. Customers need to adapt to the changing needs of their own consumer base, and they expect to do so at the drop of a hat and without dealing with cumbersome ordering systems or fixed contracts. Changes need to be up and running almost instantly, rather than taking days or weeks to implement, otherwise the opportunity is lost.

Through the dedicated TW Business Voice IP portal, both you as a partner, and your customers, have complete control over the ability to ‘burst’ services when needed. You can decide what portion of the network you need to allocate to voice as well as other services your business requires such as data. This helps you to meet growing demands of your customers, not only providing them with a service that suits their specific requirements, but one that helps to build and grow your own business in the process.

While ISDN exit is certainly the end of an era, the future of voice communications is even more exciting as we open up a world of opportunities for businesses to thrive with TW Business Voice IP.

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