Replace end-of-life ISDN/PSTN Multiline voice services with a low touch, flexible and future-ready solution

Why choose us
  • Transition easily from ISDN/PSTN Multiline to Business Voice IP and scale your business when you need to with our managed Business Voice IP model.
  • Streamline your operations and simplify management with one supplier for all your voice and data needs
  • Work in partnership with our team of experts to deploy voice solutions that meet your needs, and the demands of your end users.
  • Benefit from a fast, reliable connection on our market-leading data network


Low touch management

Business Voice IP helps you reduce the time you spend managing your customers’ hardware, billing and assurance. It can clip on to your existing broadband service and Telstra Wholesale manages the solution for you, providing one simple solution with a single bill

Flexible structure

Structure the service in a way that works for your business. You have the choice of offering standalone voice services or bundles of voice and data. When you place an order in LOLO you can choose whether to order a professional install from Telstra or manage the process yourself.


Business Voice IP is delivered over the nbnTM network. We will also extend the functionality over time to include Ethernet access and the ability to offer video telepresence and unified communications solutions to your end users.