What is the Mobile Blackspot Program

The Mobile Blackspot Program is a Federal Government initiative incorporating joint funding from Federal and selected State Governments and successful tendering carriers to improve mobile coverage in poor/no-coverage areas.


Australian Government Mobile Blackspot Site


Where is my closest Black Spot site?


4G & 3G Coverage Map

Why are some sites in or out of TW coverage?
Any new site added to the Telstra network that falls within one of the coded areas that make-up the TW footprint isautomatically added to the footprint.This automatic allocation occurs with all new sites including the mobile blackspot sites.


Telstra Wholesale Mobile Blackspot Base Stations
The TW footprint is expected to change over the life of the four-year program and this will determine whether the remainder of the blackspot base stations will be added to the TW footprint.


Of the new base stations added as part of the MBSP, 461 are included in the Telstra Wholesale 3G footprint, and 318 are part of the 4G Wholesale footprint. This list will be updated regularly as new blackspot sites come into service and are added to the TW coverage footprint.


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