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Managed Disconnection

As the NBN rollout occurs on a region by region basis, there will be an 18 month period from the Region Ready for Service Date (RRFSD) as notified by NBN Co until the Disconnection Date (DD) (except for Service Continuity Regions which will have an additional six months). This period is also known as the Migration Window. During the Migration Window, all copper services subject to disconnection should be migrated to the NBN if the customer wishes to maintain a service.

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Disconnection Window

There will be a 10 business day Disconnection Window starting from the DD. During this period, Telstra Wholesale and Telstra Retail will disconnect copper services within the fibre footprint. There will be exemptions for some specific categories of services such as Special Services where the Disconnection Date for the relevant SS Class has not passed.

The process for managing the disconnection of copper services following the DD is referred to as ‘Managed Disconnection’. During this period, Telstra Wholesale and Telstra Retail will disconnect remaining copper services within the fixed line footprint. There are exemptions for some specific categories of services, including Direct Special Services, or ULL services that are Special Service Inputs.

From the DD for each Rollout Region, the Managed Disconnection process covers the disconnection of all remaining active copper services at Premises within the Fixed Line Footprint/Rollout Region and for which no NBN order has been received by NBN Co up until DD + 25 business days. No later than DD+1 business day and DD+26 business days NBN Co will notify Telstra of all Premises where valid NBN orders (In-Train Orders) have been received. These Premises with In-Train Orders will not be disconnected under the Managed Disconnection process until DD+120 business days (final disconnection) or Telstra is notified of the cancellation, withdrawal or connection of the NBN order prior to the Final Disconnection Date.

There are some types of services that are exempt from Managed Disconnections. For more information, please refer to NBN Exemptions.

Parts of this process for managing disconnection of copper services are different from existing ‘business as usual’ arrangements, therefore Telstra is required to set out the Managed Disconnection process in Required Measures.

Telstra Wholesale provides disconnection notifications for our customers based on NBN provided data. These notifications advise our customers of eligible services coming towards their DD for each Rollout Region so that they can migrate services to the NBN. 

You will receive an email advising you that new disconnection notification information is available on the Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal. You will be provided with a list at:

  • RFS + 1 month: A list of PSTN and ULL services along with their DD. As multiple RFS dates can fall within one calendar month, Telstra Wholesale will create one additional notification to cover all RFS dates for each calendar month. This notification will be available on the Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal within one month of the last RFS date. This will provide early awareness of the potential services that will be disconnected early in the migration window.
  • DD minus 6,5,4,3,2,1 months: A list of services in scope for disconnection on an upcoming DD will be provided at monthly intervals commencing from six months prior to the DD. These Disconnection Notifications include PSTN and ULL services which Telstra Wholesale will disconnect. The DSL, FAB and SSS services are also included to allow you to effectively communicate to your end users about disconnection.
  • DD minus 6,5,4,3,2,1 months: A list of medical alarm, fire alarm and lift phone services will also be provided at monthly intervals from six months prior to the DD. This list contains services registered with NBN Co and supplied by NBN Co to Telstra.

Please note that DSL and SSS services will not be included in the Service Profile.

Disconnection Notifications

Actual DD

The next notification after the Disconnection Notification at DD minus 1 month is the Telstra Wholesale Managed Disconnection Service Profile.

All of these notifications will help customers manage the transition to the NBN before the end of the Migration Window and encourage customers to migrate their copper services to the NBN so end-users are not left without a service after the DD.

It is important for customers to review the Managed Disconnection Notifications and TW Managed Disconnection Service Profiles on a regular basis and check for any updates.

Telstra will provide disconnection notifications from approximately 17 months prior to the DD for all Rollout Regions. Telstra has mandatory notification obligations under Required Measure 2 to disconnect remaining retail and wholesale Copper services within the Fixed Line Footprint, except for certain categories of services specified in the Varied Plan, following the DD, and the Telstra disconnection notification program complies with these obligations. In addition to these mandatory notices, Telstra will also provide monthly notifications to keep customers informed in the lead up to the DD. The notifications you will receive are shown below:

Migration Window, Cease Sale and Managed Disconnection of Copper Services

18 month period from the RRSD to the DD: Migration Window for each Rollout Region begins on the Ready for Service Date and ends on the Disconnection Date.

Cease Sale 10 business days after the RRSD to the DD: Telstra is prevented from accepting new orders or modifications to most types of copper services within the rollout region period.

20 business days before the DD: Telstra may implement an Order Stability Period (OSP) in each rollout region to facilitate migration in an orderly and robust manner and to allow Telstra time to clear any remaining pending orders before the Managed Disconnection process begins. During this period, Telstra will not process most order types for copper services within the fibre footprint in a rollout region. Orders for Special Services/Special Service Inputs and for disconnection of copper services are exempt from OSP restriction. Following a review of the OSP in accordance with the Migration Plan, Telstra may determine that other order types (that are exempt from Cease Sale) should also be exempt from OSP restrictions. We will consult with Wholesale customers on any proposed changes to the OSP. We will provide further information on any new requirements and exemptions once settled.

10 business day period post the DD: Telstra Wholesale will implement the Managed Disconnection of remaining copper services (subject to exemptions).


Updating the Disconnection Process

Required Measure 2 of the Migration Plan sets out the Managed Disconnection process for copper services. As part of the recent changes to the Migration Plan, Telstra simplified these Required Measures and made some minor amendments. A copy of Required Measure 2 can be found in Schedule 3 of the updated Migration Plan.

As required by the updated Migration Plan, Telstra is in the process of amending Required Measure 2 to reflect the new disconnection processes set out above. As part of this process, Telstra will consult with you and take into account the outcome of that consultation and will provide a summary of the feedback received to the ACCC when lodging the updated Required Measure with them. The updated Migration Plan requires Telstra to lodge updates for Required Measures 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the ACCC within seven months of the commencement date of the updated Migration Plan.

Note: The Managed Disconnection process for HFC services is set out under Required Measure 3. Telstra Wholesale does not provide HFC services to our customers.

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