5 key benefits of Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre

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5 key benefits of Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre
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5 key benefits of Telstra InfraCo Dark Fibre

Dark fibre - data centre

Network operators and service providers can get benefits from controlling the transmission equipment on their networks. It’s this flexibility that leads some operators to choose Dark Fibre over managed services.

1. Manage capacity and scale to meet your needs

Dedicated fibre gives you the ability to scale the bandwidth to support you and your customers’ needs. You can choose when to increase capacity on these select routes by upgrading your equipment.

2. Design your network for performance and resiliency

You decide the protocols and equipment to meet your business needs,​ such as latency requirements. Point-to-point fibre offers lower latency than networks with multiple handovers​, while having a dedicated fibre link ensures you don’t suffer from congestion caused by other users.

3. Maintain control over active equipment and service levels

You choose and configure the transmission technology, protocols and features you want. You will be up and running fast with targeted 20-day on-net service delivery (where we can use existing infrastructure).

4. Optimise costs on high bandwidth routes

Dark fibre leasing costs can be less than equivalent managed services, helping you manage costs better. Leasing fibre also offers more predictable costs over the contract term.

5. Greater control over privacy and security for your data

You own the equipment and control the way it transmits data over the dark fibre​. And because your dark fibre pairs are used only by you​, no one else can access your data.


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