Delivering greater resiliency to your customer’s business

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Delivering greater resiliency to your customer’s business
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Delivering greater resiliency to your customer’s business

Why Mobile Backup should be part of your standard offering

As digitalisation presses even further ahead, accelerated by the pandemic, it has driven both new ways of working and revenue opportunities. The concept of hybrid working is here to stay, with nearly half of Australians now doing some work from home. Companies are also three times more likely to conduct at least 80 percent of their customer interactions digitally than before the pandemic.

The reliance on digital channels by Australian SMBs is unprecedented. So much so that we’ve seen a massive shift in the way in which IT is viewed across the organisation. IT is no longer simply part of the business; it is the business. It’s the connection that ensures everything not only runs but does so optimally.

Yet while things run smoothly 99% of the time, we also need to consider that disruptions are a simple fact of business life too. To prepare for this, ‘digital continuity’, that is ensuring the critical flow of data across tools, teams, customers and partners, has become a critical component of business planning and continued operation. High performance, diverse and highly resilient internet services have never been more important to Australia’s two million SMBs.​

Resiliency rules

Unpredictability and volatility have pushed resilience to the forefront of the CIO, if not board agenda. If a service suddenly becomes unavailable, there needs to be a wide-ranging contingency plan to ensure your customer’s business not only continues to run, but that their outcomes aren’t impacted adversely.

And it’s not just about keeping the lights on. Your customers need to ensure their own customers can not only reach them, but that their experience doesn’t diminish either. Similarly, their employees still need access to applications and business services to continue performing their role, and at a performance level that delivers optimal productivity. On top of this, all data transmission must remain secure and private - as if it would under any normal service usage.

To provide greater resiliency in your customer’s business, network diversity goes a long way towards eliminating downtime, maintaining high levels of customer experience and ensuring they remain as agile and efficient as possible. Therefore, mobile back-up should be an essential component of digital continuity planning with your customer.

A better back-up plan for you and your customer’s business

A mobile backup option provides connectivity if your customer’s fibre service goes down. In short, people and end-customers stay connected and service never waivers.

Having a mobile backup option ensures greater highly resiliency over multiple fixed connections. If for example, your customer has access to two or more fixed connections supplying both primary and backup services, the challenge is they’re highly likely to enter the building using the same pathway. This means both or all services will be impacted, effectively making the backup option redundant.

Taking advantage of a mobile backup increases service resilience by offering a wireless, instead of fixed path. This provides maximum service availability and means your customers don’t have to worry about whether their availability will be impacted if their fibre service experiences issues. Indeed, the process is simple and can be set up so your customers' traffic switches from fibre to mobile with almost no disruption.

Use case – Retail

In a shopping precinct on a busy Saturday morning, a whole host of retail businesses are using fibre-based eftpos terminals to take payments from customers. After the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, this marks one of the first opportunities for many of these businesses reignite their operations after a torrid couple of months.

Yet unbeknown to them, a construction site at the road has inadvertently dug through the fibre connecting local businesses to the internet and with it, disrupted their ability to take eftpos payments.

Fortunately, some of the businesses have a mobile backup, which switches over in this scenario if the fibre connection ever goes down, enabling them to continue as normal. Indeed, there is minimal impact to the operations of the business, and things continue almost as if nothing happened. However, those with no mobile back-up option or fixed alternative must endure the service restoration period with no internet or other connectivity. This impacts their ability to take card payments (among other things), meaning a loss of sales and revenue.

Telstra Wholesale’s mobile backup options for Wholesale Business Internet and Ethernet Access can be ordered at the same time as you order the primary fibre services (or added on later). This provides an improved service availability, which gives your customers greater confidence in the resilience of their connectivity and digital continuity.

The benefits of a mobile backup option also extend to your own business. Instead of having to field calls from frustrated customers, you’ll experience less severe and reduced frequency of service calls, knowing your customers have a 99.95% service availability.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can better increase resiliency and diversity in your customer’s internet services, here’s an overview of our Mobile Backup options. You can also contact your account manager for further insights and information.

Product Overview
Layer 2: Ethernet Access - Mobile Backup

Ethernet Access with Mobile Backup is enabled in

over 750 Telstra exchanges serving an area that contains 1.56 million Australian businesses.

  • Resilience & reach of Telstra’s fibre & mobile networks

  • Layer 2 integrated – as our customers prefer

  • Increase service availability to 99.95%

  • Range of backup speeds to suit different applications 

  • Fixed monthly price, no mobile data cap

  • Single high quality integrated NTU included

  • My Network™ diagnostics for service optimisation

Layer 3: Wholesale Business Internet - Mobile Backup and Rapid Mobile Activation

Wholesale Business Internet™ (WBI) is a complete, ready-made internet service, specially built to unlock this opportunity, on Telstra’s best-in-class fibre network.

Rapid Mobile Activation allows you to connect your customer fast with an internet connection on our Mobile Network while the fibre connection is being installed.

Mobile Backup for Wholesale Business Internet leverages our Mobile Network so if the fibre connection is ever interrupted, your customers stay connected. Mobile Backup also could help you avoid the cost and complexity of creating bespoke solutions.

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