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Telstra Wholesale’s Ericsson-powered mobile platform goes from strength to strength
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Telstra Wholesale’s Ericsson-powered mobile platform goes from strength to strength


Telstra Wholesale’s customers are benefitting from the Ericsson Wholesale Mobile Evolution (WME) platform for 4G mobile services, with subscribers doubling in a little over a year.

Since the WME 4G launch in April 2016, the number of subscribers which Telstra Wholesale (TW) supports for its Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) customers has doubled.        

Ericsson provides the platform technology as a managed service to configure, operate and support all aspects of TW’s 4G MVNO offering.

The agile WME platform, and the expertise delivered by the Managed Services team, allows TW’s MVNO customers to efficiently launch new plans to market and update existing mobile plans, while also delivering Telstra Wholesale’s superior network reach.

Since 2012, Ericsson and TW have worked together to deliver an intelligent network platform and online support systems to support MVNO customers. This has led to a continuous growth in TW’s mobile business, while maintaining a high level of operational stability and flexibility, serving a demanding segment of the Australian mobile market.   

Via the platform, MVNOs can offer a range of prepaid and postpaid 3G and 4G service packages to meet growing customer demands. The WME platform has enabled Telstra Wholesale to substantially grow its MVNO business partnering with a number of the leading MVNO brands in the Australian market.

Terry Scerri, Executive Director Products and Marketing, Telstra Wholesale, says: “Telstra has successfully launched a powerful wholesale platform, enabling real-time billing capabilities for MVNOs, which enables us to expand and increase competition for 3G and 4G services. Our partnership with Ericsson has resulted in the successful deployment of a complex solution, which has been proven with the success of Telstra Wholesale’s MVNO customers. The solution offers real-time billing capabilities that can scale as our business grows,” he continues.

Emilio Romeo, Managing Director Ericsson Australia and New Zealand, says: “Operational efficiencies achieved with the Ericsson platform is a key factor in allowing Telstra Wholesale to offer cost-effective MVNO service packages. Ericsson Managed Services supports not only the operation of the WME solution, including the necessary business configurations involved in the MVNO offerings, but also Telstra Wholesale and its customers in the end to end business processes and operations involved.”

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