Reimagining your end-to-end product experience on MESH

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Reimagining your end-to-end product experience on MESH
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Reimagining your end-to-end product experience on MESH

design thinking can be used to improve customer outcomes

Over the past few years, our business’ focus has been on developing the capabilities and features of Telstra Wholesale products and solutions to help you compete better, solve problems, win customers, operate more efficiently, and grow your businesses. During this time we have launched new products, iterated at pace and collaborated with you, our customers, to enhance our solutions.

However, we also understand that it’s not just the products themselves that shape your experience of working with us. Your success depends on selling and managing services, and delivering a great experience to your own customers. And your ability to do that relies, in part, on how easy we make it for you to sell and manage our services.

Our dated managed services hub wasn’t living up to that promise. We heard from customers that the platform lacked intuitiveness. Typical processes and workflows were not easy to navigate. It was hard to find and sell new product features, and users needed training on every new update.

The new managed enablement services hub (MESH) has been built to solve these concerns. We are delighted to launch a vastly improved experience from quoting and ordering, through to delivery, billing and diagnostics with significant benefits to you, your team and your customers.


The new MESH dashboard helps you find what you need more quickly


Find information faster

The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is the new dashboard. The dashboard offers an at-a-glance view of the status of quotes and orders along with a list of your most recent quotes and orders. You can home in on the information you need by filtering orders, quotes and services using different filtering tools (including via the charts at the top of the dashboard). And if you know exactly what you are looking for, you can get there faster than ever through the new search capability.

Reduce the learning curve

The new platform is far easier to use, even for new staff. We simplified the structure of information and processes such as quoting to enable users to navigate and complete their tasks with less need for training and ongoing support. For example, the new quote process begins with a simple address search and takes the user through a series of easy to follow steps. You’ll also find relevant help throughout the platform by clicking on the help icon in the top right of any page. 

Take actions and serve customers quicker

Having quick access to data is great but it’s also important that you can act on the data, seize sales opportunities, and resolve issues promptly. There are several improvements coming in MESH that aim to help you be more responsive and allow your customers to self-serve. One such enhancement is a service app within MESH that you can brand and enable for your customer, allowing them to check service features before asking you for help. 

Making it easier to white label

White label features have been part of MESH since its inception, and these continue to be developed. Using MESH you can create sub channels for your partners to use, each with their own roles, permissions and pricing plans. Partners can then login to create quotes in the funnel which you can review and send to order.

Under the hood improvements

The new experience is the result of a significant upgrade to the underlying infrastructure. We rebuilt the platform from the ground up and restructured the entire database to enable us to show data in real time in MESH. We also removed code that slowed the application down and led to frustration or support queries, which again helps users feel more comfortable with using the platform. And we made important security improvements by automating software updates to help reduce the likelihood of unpatched vulnerabilities.

The result of customer collaboration

We could not have done this without the help of customers who provided us with crucial insight at every stage of development. The design and capabilities of the new platform are directly the result of customers telling us how they want it to work and helping to validate design decisions as we prototyped and tested new experiences.

We will continue to add products and evolve MESH over the coming year to improve your experience and make it easier to do business with us.

If you use MESH for products like Wholesale Business Internet, Dark Fibre and more, take a moment to explore the new look and features. We are really proud of this major update and we think you’ll be pleased, too.

Alistair Toscano
The Author Alistair Toscano

Alistair is a Senior Product Manager in Telstra Wholesale, leveraging over 26 years of product management and development experience in the telecommunications industry. Alistair's current focus is on bring to market solutions that address customer needs and challenges. Alistair leads agile teams to develop and deliver products like Wholesale Business Internet and Dark Fibre on the Managed Service Hub platform. Alistair has a Bachelor of Engineering and MBA from RMIT.

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