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Innovate with confidence on the Telstra IoT network
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Innovate with confidence on the Telstra IoT network

In December 2021, Telstra crossed a significant milestone: we connected a million services (SIOs) on our purpose built Internet of Things (IoT) network. IoT offers unprecedented, data-driven insights to help you make better decisions and power efficiencies and responsiveness through automation. Visibility like never before can transform decision-making and optimise your business so you can respond, adapt and predict the changing needs of your customers.

When it comes to our customers, we're always looking for ways to help them do more. But it's not just about connecting devices to a network; it's also about connecting people with their devices.

As more people seek ways to use IoT technology in their businesses and in their daily lives, the market grows rapidly. Connected devices now include everything from point of sale terminals and personal health monitors to logistics trackers and industrial vehicles. To help you find your niche in this growing market, we have expanded our IoT capabilities further.

Unlock the potential of IoT for your business

Cellular IoT is a promising growth opportunity for mobile businesses. It’s an adjacent product to your core business but it enables you to adopt a value-based pricing mindset and sell complete solutions. For instance, with mobile broadband, you monetise the data itself, usually at a fraction of a cent. If you sell it as machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity through an API, you may get approximately a few dollars more. Yet if you integrate it into a complete solution, with hardware, software and connectivity bundled together to manage the full customer need, you can increase ARPU by many multiples and into the hundreds of dollars.

Take the example of an oil supply company. Rather than send people hundreds of kilometres to check whether a fuel storage tank needs filling, the company can place a sensor in the tank. The value to the customer is not in the kilobytes of data the sensor sends, it is in the massive improvements to efficiency and time-savings when they can monitor their assets remotely – you've remove the need to drive the truck to check whether the storage tank needs a refill.

This is how we can support you with your IoT ambitions. We are creating platforms and APIs you can use to integrate into your own products. You build a compelling value proposition rather than simply selling ‘dumb bits and bytes’ to your end users.

We have four IoT solutions ready to go, catering to a variety of use cases, to help you seize the many opportunities of IoT.


Manage your assets from more places with ease

Track and Monitor from Telstra Wholesale can help businesses track their moving assets by showing their last-known approximate location and other data, reducing costs, and improving customer experience. We offer a range of IoT asset tracking devices and technologies to suit a range of requirements. From Cat-M1 trackers (solar + battery or battery powered) for vehicles and trailers to Bluetooth tags for smaller equipment — we have the devices you need and the knowledge to help you find the perfect solution.

Track and Monitor, which is now available to Telstra Wholesale customers as a hardware + network + data via API solution, is proven in the Australian business market.

As an example, facing increasing business demands, Kennards Hire sought a better way to track and manage their assets across customer sites and to offer a better experience to their people and their customers. Telstra Purple, our consulting and managed services arm, collaborated with Kennards Hire to co-create a unified asset tracking system based on Track and Monitor. We enabled faster and more efficient asset management using predictive analytics, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and operational intelligence. Our team designed and deployed a digital platform for Kennards Hire’s operations team to monitor and interact with assets. The platform raises required alerts and notifications about the assets and provides data visualisation for live data flowing from the devices alongside the data from the enterprise ERP system.


“We think we've just scratched the surface when it comes to technologies and enabling that for the future. And we see Telstra Purple really helping us to make that easy for ourselves and our customers for the future,” —Angus Kennard.


Consumer IoT solutions at scale

If you are a consumer device manufacturer or a service provider partnering with one, and you need connectivity and plans to suit a high volume of devices, we can help. We can offer bespoke, large scale connectivity for consumer devices. Contact us to discuss your ideas and needs, and we'll work together on a solution.


eSIM plans for consumer IoT devices

Research estimates global annual revenues from wearables will top US$100 billion by 2027. This is a great opportunity for MVNOs who want to offer adjacent connected consumer products to their core mobile plan. We will offer support for eSIM uses in a range of secondary devices including watches, senior care pendants or even lawn mowers.


IoT Connectivity Management Solution

We are also working on solutions to support global IoT use cases in Australia. For example, we have created the capability to connect and manage high volumes of connected devices manufactured internationally – such as vehicles. If you require IoT connectivity management at scale, contact us to discuss your project.


As you can see, there’s a world of possibilities for creative and innovative service providers. Whatever your use case, with IoT solutions now available from Telstra Wholesale, we are here to support your ambitions.

Mark Chapman
The Author Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman is a Telecoms executive with 20 years’ experience in network engineering, digital media, marketing and business development. He has a strong track record of growing businesses against disruptive backdrops. Mark currently heads Telstra’s Enterprise Mobility Business that incorporates and serves Australia’s corporate customers, in excess of 2.6m services, and leads the strategy and future direction for IoT across Telstra. He holds a Dual Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Melbourne.

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