Infosys on The benefits of co-creation

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Infosys: The benefits of co-creation
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Infosys: The benefits of co-creation


Leading technology consultants from Infosys debated key issues facing our industry with Wholesale customers, at Telstra Wholesale Business Connect.

Priya Chidambaranathana, Senior Principal and Head of Architecture, Infosys sets out the benefits of co-creation.

The goal of co-creation is to work with customer so you can be both successful. Infosys views their client’s client as their customer too. Priya says that when Infosys co-creates solutions in the B2B2X model they consider how can they build a solution for their telco client, and for their end-users too.

Thanks to close collaboration with customers, businesses can deliver a better product to market faster, showcasing just two of the many benefits of co-creation.

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