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Increasing capability on Wholesale Business Internet
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Increasing capability on Wholesale Business Internet

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Support growing customer data usage with options up to 10Gbps on Wholesale Business Internet


Since its launch in 2020, Telstra Wholesale Business Internet has been one of our most popular products. Customers have valued the simplicity the product brings, with access to Telstra’s fibre network, internet access, IP addresses, monitor points and access to Telstra Wholesale’s Managed Enablement Service Hub (or MESH) to manage their service.


It is symmetrical and offers both contended and uncontended service levels with a wide variety of speeds to suit different business needs, from browsing the internet to using cloud applications, e-commerce to control/manage your business and enabling communication tools like video conferences to allow engagement for your customers business. Just best-in-class internet, at the speed customers require.


Increasing speed up to 10Gbps

We are expanding our Wholesale Business Internet offering to help customers meet ever growing end-user data consumption.


We launched Wholesale Business Internet with six speed options from 20 megabit per second (Mbps) to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). Now we are increasing speed with options of 2 Gbps, 5 Gbps and 10 Gbps.


Speed fit for a range of customers

Wholesale Business Internet is the ideal product to serve customers with high speed needs. One such sector is education. Cloud storage, online learning tools, in-class experiences such as smart boards, and even educational Internet of Things all contribute to increasing demand for data in schools. In fact, the average internet speed per student is set to increase more than 200 times (from 25kbps to 5Mbps)[1] by March 2026. Wholesale Business Internet’s greater speed options will also ensure that customers experience an uncompromised experience during peak times.


Hospitality businesses like hotels will also find a lot to love about the greater speeds. They can offer faster, uncompromised experiences for guests using the hotel wifi for web browsing, streaming and conference experiences.


In fact, any small and medium-sized business using cloud services, data backups, video conferences, or point of sale and inventory management will enjoy the benefits of greater speeds with Wholesale Business Internet. And it’s likely businesses will want greater speeds as more of their staff come back to the office with expectations of a similar or better experience than their home internet connection.


Keeping it simple

We have kept true to the spirit of Wholesale Business Internet and designed the increased speeds to be as easy as possible to implement and scale alongside your business.


All the capabilities and features you know and love from Wholesale Business Internet are available on all our speed tiers. These include Rapid Mobile Activation to get customers’ services up and running faster; Mobile Backup for greater service resilience; Unified Access offering 110,000 business premises ready to serve; and the Green Guarantee so you can be confident in quoting to customers. These capabilities, together with Wholesale Business Internet’s greater speed options, make it easy to sell more so you can grow your business.



[1] We’re bringing faster internet to QLD schools, Telstra, March 2022

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The Author Emma Rigby

Emma is a recent addition to Telstra Wholesale as a Product and Solution Manager. Emma has a background in program management for infrastructure projects for which she received the Telstra Excellence Award in 2021. Emma has a Master of Commerce majoring in International Business.

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