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How delivering difference to customers delivers success
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How delivering difference to customers delivers success

At our recent Telstra Wholesale customer webinar, we heard about the importance of being different in a competitive market, and to consider how to sell this more effectively to end customers.

Tony Hughes is a B2B sales trainer and co-founder of Sales IQ Global. He highlights that the biggest deciding factor for SMB and Enterprise business owners and decision-makers is the degree to which they believe their business partners are committed to improving business results and competitive advantage.

As a result, Tony says it’s critical to be engaging customers in the right conversations. This involves asking key questions, such as what has caused the desire for change in their business and what improved results are expected. After this, it’s crucial to convey how you are different and how you can provide unique differences to help distinguish your customers in market.

The three key questions to ask, Tony says, are:

"What's happened in your business that's caused you to want to look at this now?"

"What improved results do you expect for the organisation?"

"Where do you see the risks?"

It’s these conversations, Tony says, which help ensure the solutions you pull will attract, service and retain your customers more effectively.

Watch a full recap of his response above.

Glenda Lu
The Author Glenda Lu

Glenda Lu is a Product and Service Design Specialist at Telstra Wholesale. Her areas of interest include technology trends, customer experience and psychology. She is particularly interested in the intersection between human behaviour and the technology that can shape and change it.

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