Gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs

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Gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs
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Gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs


Leading technology consultants from Infosys and Telstra leaders debated key issues facing our industry with Wholesale customers, at Telstra Wholesale Business Connect.

Sarah McGeehan, Customer Operations Executive Telstra Infraco, describes how to take an end-to-end view of your customers’ experience.

Customer experience in the B2B telecommunications sector is multi-layered. “There are our customers, their staff and users, and their end customers. Understanding these different layers is important if we are to obtain insights about our customers that help us both succeed,” says Sarah.

“It is not enough to know our systems and processes, we should understand our customers’ systems as well as our own”, Sarah adds. Putting yourself in the in shoes of one of your end-users customers is a vital first step. Do they need a simpler experience? Or are they being held back by processes that were once fit for purpose?

These insights help you to understand customers better and can change the way you can design and deliver solutions.

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