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ECN - Ethernet Access
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ECN - Ethernet Access


ECN is a full solution provider offering a diverse range of Internet and private network connectivity solutions to its customers. Business success relies on a data transmission solution with reliable industry-standard, wide-area network connectivity regardless of speed and capacity requirements.


Looking to build reliable WAN solutions for its customers in metropolitan and regional Australia over both copper and fibre, ECN recognised the value of opting for an Ethernet service as its preferred data transmission solution.


Partnering with Telstra Wholesale for Ethernet Access gives ECN the capability to deliver robust, reliable WAN solutions to its customers and the ability to offer voice, data and video convergence on a unified network.

Leveraging the network with the most extensive national coverage across copper and NBN fibre and fixed wireless, ECN can deliver services to its customers wherever they are in metropolitan and regional Australia.

ECN can tailor its business access connectivity solutions to better deliver on customer needs. Multiple classes of service and scalable and granular bandwidth options give ECN the ability to prioritise traffic to meet customers’ needs. It also allows it the flexibility to connect customers across a range of bandwidths and upgrade bandwidth if needed. This helps ECN improve operational efficiencies, decrease time to market and build customer loyalty.

And because Ethernet Access is a single product solution, service delivery and technical configuration is quick and easy. ECN can deliver network connections to its customers with a single handoff, independent of end customers’ individual needs.


  • Reliable, Australia-wide network coverage for copper backed by industry best practice, end-to-end connectivity fault management and performance monitoring.

  • Operational and cost benefits from dealing with one network provider.

  • Scalable and granular bandwidth options and multiple classes of service so ECN’s customers can connect more flexibly across a range of bandwidths over copper and fibre and upgrade bandwidth when needed.

  • Telstra’s Ethernet aggregation handoff at User Network Interface speeds
    of up to 10Gbps saves costs and reduces port count and rack space.

  • Improved responsiveness and quicker provisioning of services because of immediate access to accurate pricing through Telstra’s rapid quoting tool, Quotool.

  • Faster and more efficient pre and post-sales experience with online quoting, ordering and billing.

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