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Getting on the right wavelength for fast, high capacity data connectivity
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Getting on the right wavelength for fast, high capacity data connectivity

Telstra Wholesale’s Senior Product Manager for Transport and Transmission, Francisco Palacios, shows how customer Anticlockwise has used the Data Centre Interconnect product to improve business continuity and deliver highly sought-after data flexibility-on-demand to customers.

For many organisations competing in today’s business environment, one of the differences between success and failure is fast, reliable connectivity. Consumers and end users have sky high expectations for the standard of digital service they receive, and will walk away if they are not met.

A business’ ability to meet those expectations, and create new services and solutions, depends on its ability to collaborate effectively across ecosystems of staff, partners and customers – especially in the data arena. Once again, a high standard of connectivity is a prerequisite for success.


Demand for data services continues to grow and the rise of mobile working patterns means team collaboration is no longer confined to those sharing the same office.


Anticlockwise, one of our partners, knows all about these challenges and how to overcome them. Anticlockwise is a bespoke business connectivity solutions provider. They work with customers across Australia who require design, implementation and support of voice over IP networks, hosted services and LAN/WAN environments. Their customers demand a fast, safe and reliable network.

Anticlockwise and Telstra Wholesale have been partners since 2014. Recently they recognised that clients’ demands were changing and we worked together to enhance Anticlockwise’s offering in response. Customers such as Unispace - an interior design firm with offices throughout Australia - needed a faster, higher capacity connection to their sites and customers. Unispace’s employees develop detailed architectural design files for projects, and files are often over twenty gigabytes in size. A traditional connection would inhibit their ability to share these files and collaborate effectively.

Together we implemented Telstra Wholesale’s Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) as a solution for Anticlockwise. DCI is a fast, flexible and low risk way to manage bandwidth needs. It provides a very low latency connection between data centres across Australia, enabling users to transfer large amounts of data very quickly. With DCI, Anticlockwise’s network solution helps Unispace collaborate effectively across their various offices in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, and also work with the best talent available, regardless of location.  These advantages help Unispace to deliver the best results to their clients and develop a competitive edge to power their future success.

DCI also helps Anticlockwise to adapt to future customer demands. Pre-installed capacity between a growing number of data centres means provisioning can often be done within only a day. When Anticlockwise needs more capacity, we can provision bandwidth quickly and easily. It is a solution that scales with their business.

We will be adding more data centres to Telstra Wholesale’s DCI, enabling our partners to offer faster, higher capacity and even more reliable connections to their end users in more places across Australia.

Download the complete case study here.

If you want to gain a competitive edge in your market, then get in touch with your account team or contact us to discuss how DCI can help you exceed those sky high expectations and deliver better experiences.


Francisco Palacios
The Author Francisco Palacios

Francisco Palacios is Telstra Wholesale's Senior Product Manager for Transport products and leads the Wavelength-DCI initiative. He joined Telstra in 2010 as Product Manager for the Business Access products. Before Telstra, Francisco held multiple product management roles internationally in IP voice, testing and satellite communications areas.

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