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When extreme weather events batter many parts of Australia at the same time, the Telstra Wholesale service assurance team takes the lead on trying to ensure that our customers are kept well updated on restoration efforts and that escalations to restore services are given priority.

When it comes to co-ordination of fault restoration, Telstra Wholesale needs to interface with our customers and the Telstra Operations business units to get the job done.  These coordination efforts are spearheaded by our National Assurance Manager Adam Doherty and his team of 11 specialists. 

“Telstra Wholesale is not charged with the responsibility of performing real time fault investigations on incidents ourselves. We are a Service Assurance governance team, responsible for making sure incident management processes are followed correctly, while advocating concerns back into the business on behalf of our customers. 

“We work closely with Telstra Operations, our operational partners who manage the fault incidents end to end for our customers,” Adam says.

Day to day the team works with Wholesale product or project teams to deliver efficiency gains and service improvement solutions for our customers through strategic initiatives often generated from customer engagement surveys.

Adam says the team has contributed to many of Telstra Wholesale’s big initiatives over the past year, including the launch of our Data Advantage, NBN Foundation and mobile products, improvements to our Assurance complaints and incorrect call out fee dispute processes and LOLS self service enhancements. They’re also working on an initiative to improve the Wholesale escalation process.

“We provide a support role for our Business Operations Managers, attending regular service reviews so we have direct engagement with customers and can discuss issues they may be having.”

Resilience is key
And when extreme weather leads to unprecedented fault volumes as it has recently, Adam’s team takes on a more primary responsibility for managing customer escalations.

“We’re a very resilient team and are used to dealing with a dynamic, and more often than not chaotic, real-time environment,” Adam says.

“We work as a cohesive team but we each have our specialties as well, so we have a mixed balance of people with expertise in the traditional copper-based and data products, with some who have already up-skilled into the NBN space,” he says.

“We also have people trained in mobile networks, transmission and Ethernet products. The business relies on our Assurance team to provide that expertise to solve issues, engage with our operational colleagues and communicate with customers.”

Adam says the team is extremely resourceful in bridging knowledge gaps and finding support across the wider Telstra Operations business if required.

“Ultimately it’s all about building a more robust path for customers to get the results they need.”