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Managing the portfolio of Telstra Wholesale products is a complex job for our experienced team of product managers, but one that delivers great satisfaction as we strive to meet the needs of our customers. General Manager Products Graham Bate explains how we manage the diverse range of products we offer at Telstra Wholesale.

What are the responsibilities of a Telstra Wholesale product manager?

Our product managers are responsible for the pricing, promotion, enhancement and lifecycle management of our portfolio of Wholesale products.

What does a day in the life of a Telstra Wholesale product manager look like?

A product manager has a broad responsibility for the success of their product in the market. A typical day might see them working with customers, developing a business case for a new feature, analysing new pricing plans, developing collateral, forecasting demand, or considering how to manage the launch of a new product, or coordinate a product exit. 
Telstra Wholesale also has a great range of experienced people in the sales, operations, solutions and marketing teams. Our product managers collaborate closely with all of these teams to deliver products that delight our customers.  

Is it a challenge trying to strike a balance between the needs of bigger organisations and smaller customers?

One of the interesting things about working at Telstra Wholesale is that our customers are all unique and innovative businesses, each with their own unique approach to the market.  As a wholesaler, we aim to deliver consistent, high quality products across Telstra’s national and global networks. Customers of all sizes frequently challenge us with their individual needs and interesting requirements in support of their approach to the market.  Wherever possible, we aim to support these customers, sometimes enhancing our products or adapting existing solutions, while maintaining high standards for quality. 

How do you keep up with changing technology and offering the products customers are asking for?

Our product managers work closely with the engineering teams across Telstra to understand new capabilities on offer from Telstra’s IT and infrastructure vendors. Where we see opportunities to apply these capabilities in the wholesale market, we test these ideas with our customers before incorporating into our product roadmap.

What’s the most important thing about managing a wholesale telecommunications product?

For a wholesale product to be successful, our customers need to be able to depend on it to build and grow their own business. The most important thing for us is to work closely with our customers, and understand how we can help them be successful.