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Choose Telstra Wholesale and your customers will enjoy the performance, flexibility and reliability they demand, while you keep your operational and investment costs under control.

To help you stay on top of things, you’ll have a team of Telstra Wholesale specialists to call upon, from our highly skilled technicians and call centre staff, to our dedicated account management team.

Am I eligible?

To become a Telstra Wholesale customer you need to be a registered company or business acting as a carrier, ISP or service provider. Read our Become a Customer checklist to understand the steps involved and what you’ll need to do to complete your application. Then get in touch.


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If you’re a sole trader or partnership we’ll ask you to provide your:
  • Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN)
  • or Australian Business Number (ABN).

Agree to our privacy and confidentiality terms Review and agree to:
  • Telstra’s Privacy Statement, and
  • Telstra’s Confidentiality Agreement
We'll call you

Once we’ve received your enquiry, a team member from our Service Provider Group will call you back within two days to discuss your needs and answer any questions you have.

Step 5
Provide your business plan

We’ll ask you to provide your business plan, if you have one, to help us understand your business profile and build the right solution for you.


Complete and send an application

We’ll ask you to complete an Application to Acquire Services from Telstra Wholesale.

Customer Relationship Agreement

Once you’ve accepted our offer and the application to acquire services is agreed by both parties, we’ll execute a contract, or Customer Relationship Agreement.

Identify your business

If you’re an incorporated company we’ll ask you to provide your:

  • Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN)
  • or Australian Company Number (ACN)

We'll propose a solution that best fits your needs

Once you’ve decided to become a Telstra Wholesale customer, we’ll discuss your requirements in more detail and respond with our best solution and pricing, along with a draft offer.

We'll conduct a credit assessment

While we’re coming up with a solution and pricing structure, we’ll also conduct a credit assessment of your business. This is something we do with all new customers before we enter into a contract and supply products and services.

Provide financial information

Together with the above application, we’ll ask you to provide: certain financial, credit and non-financial information about your company or business, or evidence of current debt waiver insurance.

We'll set you up as a customer!

Once contracts are signed, we'll formalise an account team and set you up as a Telstra Wholesale customer.

Credit Assessment

Telstra Wholesale conducts a credit risk assessment with all prospective customers to help us establish the terms and conditions of our business relationship.

So we can assess your credit risk profile, we’ll ask for certain financial, credit and non-financial information about your company or business. Depending on your risk profile, we may need to ask for some form of security to mitigate any credit risks. In some cases we will accept evidence of current debt waiver insurance.

All the information you provide is treated as strictly confidential.

Application to Acquire Telstra Wholesale Services

As part of the credit assessment you will need to complete and send an application to acquire services from Telstra Wholesale.


Business Plan

We want to offer you the best and most appropriate service so we ask for your business plan, if you have one, to help us to better understand your business. Your business plan should include the following information:

  • business background – your business model, area/s of expertise, the number of years your business has been operating and the products you sell
  • customer base – the types of customers you service and where they are located
  • position in the market and competitive advantage
  • your products and services pricing plans, including any value-added services
  • sales and marketing channel information - for example do you sell online or through a shopfront
  • your marketing plan
  • funding / business finance information,
  • your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis.

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