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A whole lot more than you might expect

The Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal is designed to make your life much easier. It’s an online operational one-stop shop – a great alternative to trawling through emails or spending all afternoon on the phone.

The portal lets you simplify day-to-day tasks for the people in your team. Things like accessing our orderingbilling and assurance applications, our online tools and business documents.

Stay up to date with NBN transition information, or the latest changes to our systems, products and processes.

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For Telstra Wholesale Customers:

  Contact your account manager or service manager for more information.

Access the Customer Portal

Our secure Customer Portal lets you share access to important operational tools and information with your team. Your business will be set up with a primary digital certificate and you can then manage the way your staff interact with us, including the level of access they have to certain information.

Create roles and manage functionality and staff member access to functionality. You can restrict access to:

  • Network and system outages
  • Selected tabs
  • Individual webforms
  • Broadband Line Test
  • Mobile Reseller Resources

Our digital certificate user guide takes you through the steps to set up and manage the different levels of access within your business.



Telstra Wholesale works hard to keep customers informed about our products and services, systems and processes.

Our regular customer announcements, available through the Customer Portal, ensure you’re getting the operational information you need.

You can subscribe to receive SMS and email notifications or RSS feed updates when a new announcement is published, making it easy to stay in touch with important news about wholesale telecommunications.

We also send you a regular Wrap Up of operational news, tips and tricks. If you don’t already receive the Wrap Up and would like to, please let your Service Manager know.

View announcements in the Customer Portal and visit the ‘Update my profile’ section to set up your notifications or RSS feed subscription.

Documents and reports

The Customer Portal is a one-stop shop for post sales documents, operational reports and other material that can help you manage your Telstra Wholesale products and services.

Documents in the portal are categorised according to type, and you can quickly and easily search for the reports and documents you need.

Content such as daily held order reports, workload heat maps and data delivery status reports are available online, giving you easy access to the data you need to keep your business running.

We’ll be adding contract documents and copper disconnection notifications to the portal soon, so keep an eye out for them.

If you need help accessing the Customer Portal or documents and announcements, please contact your Service Manager.


Get access to the latest information to help make the transition to the National Broadband Network (NBN) easier. Our Customer Portal is regularly updated with NBN information like:

  • Rollout information
  • Migration plan
  • Customer Transition Blueprints
  • Operations manuals
  • FAQs
  • Announcements
  • Supporting material

Soon we’ll be publishing disconnection notifications in the portal, giving you the information you need right at your fingertips. Click here icon-lock.png to visit the NBN section of the Customer Portal.

Line testing

Our Broadband Line Testing Tool helps you diagnose faults in your customers’ ADSL or Fibre Access Broadband services.

The tool gives you direct access to some of the internal diagnostic capabilities that our Broadband Help Desk uses. It’s a quick and easy way to check the current status of an individual service, letting you see whether the problem is at your end user’s premises or the Telstra network end.

The tool also lets you perform a modem re-sync on DSL services.

See how other customers are using the line testing tool to help them check the status of their end users’ services

The line testing tool is only available to contracted customers. If you need help accessing the portal, talk to your Business Operations Manager. To access the Broadband Line Testing Tool, log in icon-lock.png to the Customer Portal.


Use the portal to keep on top of outages that impact your business and end users. You’ll find information on planned and unplanned network incidents, and planned and unplanned system outages.

Information includes outage dates and times, incident summary details and regular status updates. The portal also provides traffic lights on the status of our online applications for quick reference:

  • Green = No outages
  • Yellow = Partial outage
  • Red = Complete outage

Log in icon-lock.png to the portal to check what’s happening with our systems and networks.


Talk to our operational specialists online through our Customer Portal webforms. You can lodge an enquiry, training request, feedback, escalation or complaint, and track its progress, all while keeping the discussion in a central and secure location.

The webforms let you have an ongoing conversation with us, with the ability to add comments and attachments to the webform conversation.  And we’ll respond to you via the same conversation stream, so all relevant information is kept in the one place.

We retain Customer Portal webforms for seven years for your convenience and you can choose to receive email and/or SMS notifications for updates.

Watch this video to see how other customers use the portal to stay in touch with us.


Stay on top of content updates in the Customer Portal using our notifications system. You can choose to be notified by email or SMS when new content is added, or current content is updated for:

  • Published Documents & Reports
  • Announcements
  • Planned and Unplanned Network Outages
  • Planned and Unplanned System Outages
  • Webforms

Log in to the Customer Portal and visit the ‘Update my profile’ section to set up your notifications or RSS feed subscription. If you need help subscribing for notifications, click here.


We provide a personalised list of key contacts in the Customer Portal so your team can find the right people at Telstra Wholesale to help with specific enquiries. You’ll find these details under ‘ My Telstra Wholesale Contacts’ on every page of the portal.

Need assistance with the Customer Portal? Give us a call, we’re happy to help!
Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal (TWCP) Support
Phone:   1300 897 378 (Option 5)


We’ve made it easy for you to learn the basics of our tools and systems with a raft of training material available in the Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal.

Along with training on how to use the portal, you’ll find:

  • online training modules
  • online demonstrations
  • user guides
  • Technical Specification documents
  • supporting documentation.

There’s a detailed user guide available here, and you can also request customised training for your team. Click here or talk to your Service Manager for more information.


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