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LinxOnline Ordering (LOLO™)

Ordering, provisioning and managing your services is easy with our online customer tool, LinxOnline. Available 24/7, it lets you manage your orders whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

LOLO™ lets you place orders and track their progress digitally.  Log in to LOLO™ and you can:

  • place orders for new services
  • create, find, monitor and change requests for services
  • change a service number or directory listing
  • cancel or reconfigure existing services
  • get a status report on your requests.

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For Telstra Wholesale Customers:

  Contact your account manager or service manager for an ordering solution that suits your business.

LinxOnline Interaction Gateway (LOLIG®)

LinxOnline Interaction Gateway™ (LOLIG®) is a dedicated communications channel between Telstra Wholesale and you. LOLIG® gives you access to real time information on product availability, orders and deliveries.  Mobile customers can use LOLIG® for Mobiles for ordering, activation, fault logging and port/churn.


LinxOnline Mobiles (LOLM)

If you’re a mobile service provider, you can order our mobile services through LinxOnline Mobiles (LOLM) which also lets you enter and process requests for activation, deactivation and make modifications for GSM services. Not all Telstra Wholesale products and solutions are available through our online applications. Ask a Telstra Wholesale business operations manager for ordering details.

(61) 1300 897 378, Option 1,1
(61) 1300 882 080

(61) 1300 897 378, Option 1,2
(61) 1300 134 544


(61) 1300 897 378, Option 1,1
(61) 1300 882 080

DSL and Spectrum Sharing
(61) 1300 897 378, Option 1,1
(61) 1300 882 080

(61) 1300 897 378, Option 5
(07) 3221 4656

(61) 1300 897 378, Option 5
(07) 3221 4656


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Customer Port, churn and transfer

We can manage your customer churn, port and transfer processes to ensure a high level of performance, efficiency and consistency. Our processes are ISO 9001 quality accredited.

Our customer port, churn and transfer processes include:

  • eBill package redirection churn
  • Broadband Transfer
  • Mobile Resale churn
  • Multi-Carrier Pre-selection churn
  • Local Number Portability
  • Mobile Number Portability
  • Unconditioned Local Loop requests.


You can lodge enquiries about Ports, Churns or Transfers using an online webform in our Customer Portal.


Once you’ve registered for LOLO, you can access online training and support materials on the Customer Portal, including: