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Mass Service Disruption

Sometimes things happen beyond our control that mean we can’t connect or fix faults to standard telephone services in our usual timeframes, or even keep appointments. These situations can include natural disasters, extreme weather conditions and instances where our facilities have been damaged through no fault of our own.

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During these times a Mass Service Disruption exemption may be put in place. This exempts us from complying with the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) performance standards for the duration of the Mass Service Disruption.

The exemption process is explained in sections 22-27 of the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011, which you’ll find on the ACMA website.

When a Mass Service Disruption exemption is in place, we’ll either issue a detailed public notice in a daily newspaper or we’ll mail information directly to you.

Network Outages

Occasionally our network experiences unplanned incidents due to a variety of reasons. Once we’ve been alerted to an unplanned incident, it will be listed in the Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal. icon-lock.png

Disaster Recovery Plan

Telstra’s approach to Emergency Management for Disaster Recovery is designed to ensure a timely and appropriate response through:

  • an overarching corporate framework; and
  • a systematic approach to managing incidents, emergencies and crises.

So that Telstra can provide communications support to Emergency Service Organisations, detailed plans and processes and a network of Emergency Services Liaison Officers are in place. This support complies with the requirements of the ACIF Guideline G596:2013 and the Emergency Management Acts of the States and Territories of Australia.

Within Telstra an emergency is defined as: National / State / Territory declared natural disaster such as flood, fire and cyclone, etc. and civil emergencies such as terrorism, chemical, biological or radiological events.

Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN)

Telstra has extensive business continuity planning in place and is also a signatory to the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) on enhancing the protection of national critical infrastructure. One of our key contributions to the TISN is our participation in exercises that aim to develop resilience in the community. These exercises can be state based involving emergency services, government and Critical Infrastructure providers and focus on responses to natural disasters such as bush fires. Telstra assists the government by participating in 2 - 4 exercises per year.

In the event of an emergency, Telstra will work to help all of its customers – both Retail and Wholesale, in consultation with the appropriate emergency services co-ordinators in the affected area.

Wholesale Assurance Operations

If you’re a Telstra Wholesale customer with a question about Telstra’s’ Disaster Recovery Plans or Emergency Management processes, you should contact Wholesale Assurance Operations (WAO)

  • Phone: 03 8649 7564 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)
  • Email -
  • Submit an enquiry via the Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal
  • Contact your dedicated Business Operations Manager



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