As part of Telstra’s ongoing PSTN exit activities, we have identified the following legacy TDM Interconnect functionalities that have low and declining usage for retirement.  This will have the benefit of rationalising and simplifying our legacy IT and interconnect. The withdrawal of these Legacy Interconnect Products will occur on the final exit date of 15 June 2022 (except Telstra Personal Number Service, which will be exited on 30 September 2021.  This means that, on these dates, these Legacy Interconnect Products will be disconnected in all geographic regions in Australia.

# Product name Exit date
1 Telstra Personal Number Service 30-Sep-21
2 Telstra Domestic SMS Message Mobile To Mobile Conveyance (Via SMPP) 15-Jun-22
3 Telstra Domestic GSM Roaming Signalling Interconnection 15-Jun-22
4 Telstra Domestic 3G Mobile 64KBIT/S Data Unrestricted Terminating Access 15-Jun-22
5 Telstra Domestic 3G Mobile Video Terminating Access 15-Jun-22
6 Telstra Mobile Conveyance Service 15-Jun-22
7 Telstra International GSM Roaming Interconnection 15-Jun-22
8 Telstra Dial Up Internet Access Service (DIAS) + Extension 15-Jun-22
9 Telstra 64kbps clear channel data using TDM Interconnect 15-Jun-22
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