As previously announced on the 24th of December 2020, Telstra sold its Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks in South Brisbane and the Velocity Estates (the “FTTP Networks”) to Uniti Group Limited (“Uniti”), a diversified provider of telecommunications services.

Transition of services on the FTTP Networks – What you need to know

Uniti will upgrade the technology in the FTTP Networks, creating a pathway to improve network technology and deliver a better-connected experience, including the ability to support far greater future high-speed plans.


Once the upgrade and the other work needed to support transition is complete, the services on the FTTP Networks will need to be physically transitioned across to Uniti.  From transition, Uniti’s wholesale subsidiary Opticomm will become the new network operator.


You can find out more about when Opticomm will be available in an area by visiting

What does this Transition mean?

When the transition is completed in an area, Telstra will no longer be the wholesale provider for the FTTP Networks. Instead, Opticomm will become the new network operator and wholesale provider of voice and broadband services.


To facilitate the transition to Opticomm, there will be an exit of Telstra Wholesale’s Fibre Access Broadband services and basic telephone services supplied using the FTTP Networks.


Any active services supplied over the FTTP Networks will be exited on a progressive basis no earlier than 1 July 2022, on a Fibre Distribution Hub Area (“FDHA”) by FDHA basis. Transitions commenced at scale in November 2022 and are currently expected to complete by March 2024.

Making the change

Active services delivered over the FTTP Networks will be transitioned in phases. 


Opticomm and Telstra will jointly publish and maintain the Transition Roadmap and Schedule which, for each Passive Optical Network (PON) Area, is intended to provide adequate notice of:


  • System Ready for Service Dates;
  • Recommended Order By Dates;
  • Order Stability Period Commencement Dates;
  • Transition Commencement Dates;
  • Expected Transition Dates and
  • Transition End Dates.


The Transition Roadmap and Schedule will determine the exit dates for your end users’ services, as well as migration dates should you choose to migrate them to Opticomm. You will be provided a minimum of 12 months notification prior to the commencement of transition in the transitioning PON Area.

Transition Roadmap and Schedule

The Transition Roadmap and Schedule provides key dates associated with the transition of services on the FTTP Networks to Opticomm. Some of these transition processes are still in development. It is intended that dates and other details in the Transition Roadmap and Transition Schedule will be released and updated monthly, as Telstra and Opticomm achieve systems, processes, protocols, and network requirements milestones.

The most up to date Transition Roadmap and Schedule can be found here:



Dates and times included in this document are a best estimate at the time this version of the document is issued.  They are indicative only and should not be relied on as final timelines. Telstra, Uniti and Opticomm do not warrant or represent that the information set out in the Transition Roadmap or the Transition Schedule is free from errors or omission.

Providing service continuity for your current end users

Telstra has decided not to offer wholesale services on the FTTP Networks following transition. Current Telstra Wholesale customers wanting to supply services on the FTTP Networks in an PON Area after transition need to arrange supply with Opticomm (or an Opticomm RSP offering wholesale services on the FTTP Networks following transition). This will require you to enter an RSP agreement with Opticomm and go through various technical steps to connect.


These arrangements must be finalised prior to the Transition Commencement Date for an PON Area to ensure that end user customers in that PON Area can be connected to an activated service with you on transition (i.e. to enable the end user customer to retain you as their RSP with minimum disruption to service continuity).


If you require further information about becoming an RSP with Opticomm, please complete the registration request at:

Statutory Infrastructure Provider
Terms and Conditions

The terms below apply to the connection and supply of Fibre Access Broadband services under the Statutory Infrastructure Provider regime.

Terms and Conditions for Connection and Supply of Fibre Access Broadband


Fibre Access Broadband Product Profile


Fibre Access Broadband Product Pricing

Statutory Infrastructure Provider

Declarations made by Telstra under section 360H of the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth).


Statutory Infrastructure Provider Declarations

Telstra and Opticomm Statutory Infrastructure Provider Agreed Operational Measures

Telstra and Opticomm are designated as statutory infrastructure providers in South Brisbane and Velocity Estates. The document below sets out the operational measures agreed between Telstra and Opticomm to enable Telstra or Opticomm, as relevant, to comply with a request by a carriage service provider under the Statutory Infrastructure Provider regime.


Telstra Opticomm Joint SIP Operational Measures February 2023 PDF

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