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What is Tower Site Sharing?

Tower Site Sharing provides access to Telstra telecommunications transmission towers and associated tower sites. This includes access to Telstra core network sites and Public Mobile Telecommunications Service (PMTS) sites.

If you are a licensed ACMA carrier with a current relevant contract with Telstra you can apply for Tower Site Sharing to provide carriage services to customers. These services may be mobile phone coverage, point-to-point radio transmission or WiFi type broadband data coverage. Non-carriers can seek site share access via Telstra Retail.

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For Telstra Wholesale Customers:

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As a Telstra Wholesale customer you can implement Tower Site Sharing by undertaking Make Ready Works (MRWs) provided that access is technically feasible and Telstra has approved your construction plan. 

Ordering and provisioning follows a six-stage process and complies with recommendations of the National Colocation Framework Agreement of 2001.

The tower site share access may involve installation or use of one or more of the following:

  • antennae
  • pole or tower
  • hut
  • Telstra floor-space.


Existing Telstra Wholesale customers will need to sign up to one of the following site-share schedules:

  • CRA31 (Core Network sites) or CRA35 (PMTS sites) in a Customer Relationship agreement, or
  • FA31 or FA35 in a Facilities Access Agreement.

Ordering Process

As part of the ordering process you will need to work with us to complete:

  • preliminary information and approval in principle (AIP) requests
  • a detailed design and construct plan (D&CP) and request for facilities access for Site Share Access
  • request for physical access to construct per site
  • notification of construction completion
  • Joint Completion Inspection (JCI) with Telstra representatives
  • As Built’ drawings for Database of Records (DboR) updates.

Physical access

This area provides the information required to obtain Telstra site access, as well as the EACS cards and physical keys order form.



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