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Access to floor space and facilities

Telstra Exchange offers access to floor space and other facilities such as security, electricity, cable trays and interconnection cables in Telstra exchange buildings.

As a Telstra Wholesale customer you are able to install and operate your own equipment for interconnection with Telstra. You may also be able to use TEBA to install radio communications equipment if you have antennas at that site.

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For Telstra Wholesale Customers:

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TEBA Eligibility

A current Telstra Wholesale customer who is a licensed carrier or carriage service provider may be eligible for TEBA, subject to agreement to the relevant terms and conditions for access:

The minimum unit of TEBA floor space available is one rack position. Each rack position is typically 600mm W x 900mm D x 2000mm H, however these dimensions are subject to review. Your Telstra Wholesale account manager can provide updated information about this on request.

Established TEBA areas will normally have the following services available:

  • 48V DC power
  • overhead cable systems
  • cable trays to the MDF to house interconnection cables for connection to Unconditioned Local Loop (ULL) and Spectrum Sharing Services.

Before installing equipment in a Telstra building, a TEBA area with supporting infrastructure must already exist or must be prepared, providing sufficient space is available.


As a customer you will need to:

  • ensure that the relevant terms and conditions of the contract for facilities access for TEBA are understood
  • be familiar with the TEBA Customer Information Pack before submitting any TEBA orders
  • place orders for the TEBA product by submitting the TEBA order form
  • get approval for physical access to Telstra buildings before visiting a site to install an exchange
  • use approved contractors to prepare the TEBA Design and Construction Proposal and install equipment.

Physical access

This area provides the information required to obtain Telstra site access, as well as the EACS cards and physical keys order form.

TEBA Technical Resources

As part of your access agreement, you and your approved contractors are required to follow or be aware of a number of technical specifications, policies and procedures. If need further information, contact your Telstra Wholesale account manager.

A password will be needed to access some of the documents. If you are a Telstra Wholesale customer and don’t have a password, contact your account manager.


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