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What is Duct Access?

If you are an ACMA Licensed Carrier, Duct Access gives you access to Telstra’s network of ducts, tunnels, manholes and pits for the purpose of installing and operating your own cables and equipment.

Duct Access of up to 25km can be arranged on order. Access is implemented with the installation of a subduct (with a nominal inner diameter of 28mm) along an approved route.
You are responsible for installing the subduct to carry your own cable and you are able to install cable loops and joint closures along the route in approved locations.

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For Telstra Wholesale Customers:

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Getting started

When applying for Duct Access, existing Telstra Wholesale customers who are licensed carriers will need to:

  • Ensure that the relevant terms and conditions of the contract for facilities access to the duct network
    are understood
  • Submit one or more study requests, an order form containing a design and construction proposal and a joint completion inspection request, according to the ordering and provisioning procedures for Duct Access
  • Have approval for physical access to Telstra sites before visiting any Telstra underground equipment or buildings
  • Use approved contractors to install the equipment
  • Submit a final 'as built drawing' so Telstra can maintain current network records.

Access to Telstra's Duct Network

External Interconnect Cable (EIC) provides access to Telstra’s duct network of ducts, tunnels, manholes and pits.

EIC access to Telstra ducts is through the installation (at your cost) of a copper pair cable along an approved route between a remote customer DSLAM site to a nearby Telstra Exchange Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This achieves connection to Telstra’s Unconditioned Local Loop (ULL) or Spectrum Sharing Service (SSS).


Operation & Maintenance

You will need to acquire and install the EIC cable for Telstra to operate and maintain. In most circumstances you can then access the Telstra underground duct network through a breakout at an approved location, usually at a pit or manhole.

Please note that you are responsible for preparing designs for Telstra to review and approve. EIC duct access makes it possible for you to build your own facilities away from Telstra’s TEBA yet still access our ULL and SSS products.


Physical access

This area provides the information required to obtain Telstra site access, as well as the EACS cards and physical keys order form.

Duct Resources

Duct Access customers and your approved contractors are required to follow technical specifications, policies and procedures as part of your access agreement.

This information is for Telstra Wholesale Duct Access customers and your approved contractors. Some documents are password protected. If you require further information or require password access, please call your Telstra Wholesale Account Manager.

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